Marduk Video Thread



Post any videos you want below that feature da Duke!!!
If it’s particularly important I will move it up to the original posts.
I’ll start with my new guide/combo video:

Persona’s Combo Vid:

Marduk trials by MashMoreButtons:


I just finished making a video actually with some BnB combos for Rufus/Marduk. I’m no combo video maker, and these may not be optimized, but I figured I’d throw it out there. Any feedback would be great. Hope it helps grow the MAR DOOK community!



That was a pretty awesome guide; I hadn’t thought about using the ground bounce after a switch cancel. I agree that he really needs that 1 bar of meter to EX double leg takedown for any legitimate damage, but I’m not sure he’s as meter heavy as you make him out to be. Also, you’re right the timing is tricky on the jab body combo after ex DLT; I’m still looking for a visual cue for when to start it, but it’s somewhere after, but not right after, the character actually bounces off the wall.

Great video!


What music is that lol


Delightful Spekkio from the Chrono Trigger OST.


@ 0:30 is that: JabBody, MP, xx HP Gator after the EX DLT???


Yup, timing of the jab body is weird after the EX DLT.


yea I agree. Is the MP afterwards a link after the JabBody string, or is it part of the string like: MP>c.HP>MP??


It’s a link, but not a tough one. The HP Gator slam sometimes whiffs though if you’re not careful.


After some shenanigans with friends, I had a first-to-3 against one of them. The FT3 starts at 0:49:25.
I’m primarily a Juri player so sorry for not having Marduk in the spotlight. Please critique as much as you want. Any advice is appreciated :smiley:



Posted this in the combo thread yesterday. Just wanted to show the post-EX takedown followup I use (LK, MP, c.MP xx gator slam). The other 2 combos are just to see the potential uses of charging the takedown (pretty useless since you can get more damage otherwise haha)


Some footage of me playin this past monday I come in at the seven minute mark.


For those who haven’t completed the trials and needing a visual example.


Pretty solid Marduk play from Mike at the CC Invi Tourney: [media=youtube]ekzzYyA4bGw[/media]


When exactly did they play?The vid was posted recently, but thats got to be older play

Mike seems to be dropping quite a few,
and still does the two kicks to hp grab, instead of just to hp grab (more dam, just as easy)

and didnt connect after j.HK (cl.HP, hp grab for great dam and easy to confirm)




Nothing against your video in particular… but I’m tired of Ryu synergy vids…

He teams well with like, everyone, lol. My veins are all Morton rich over that.


I understand what you mean, but the reason I play Marduk/Ryu is because I think they fit really good together. And the video was mainly focused on Marduk. But I appreciate you taking a look! :slight_smile:


It was good stuff. I just wish more characters worked as well as Ryu does in pretty much everything anyone does with him, haha.


Haha, true shit. :stuck_out_tongue: