Marichiweu: Mapuche Fighting Game Indiegogo Campaign

Hi everyone! i’m Rodrigo a Marichiweu team member. We are going to make Marichiweu a fighting game based on the Arauco War between Mapuches and spanish conquerers, for make this happen we started a campaign in Indiegogo. We want to help make it known the Mapuche culture also some funds will help the mapuche people.

If you can help with money, but you have great ideas for the gameplay, please let us know!

Thanks for your time and expect updates for this campaign soon!

As a Chilean i just can say… WHAT THE FUCK.

It can be a good idea but you really need to show footage first.


If you’re going to ask for money for a game, you need to show something more than just 2 really lousy vector portraits and a Sans serif font title.

Looks like a great scam in the making.

You guys are joking right?

I’m from Chile too, and believe me when i say it would be very interesting to see & play a videogame inspired in our history roots (better if it’s a fighting game); but your proposal it’s too lame.

Sorry about it.

I am from Alaska and I say put a polar bear in the game