Marie for Dummies?

I apologize if this is an existing thread already, but I can’t seem to find any info on this character anywhere.

Let me get to the point: I cannot lab out any tech with this character for the life of me. So I appeal to you, people of the innernettes, for help.

Her A is INCREDIBLY short and limited, her B seems slow and feels awkward, C is a pretty good button but easily stuffed, and D only seems good in some pretty specific zoning situations.

Maybe I’m just a scrub, but the only ground confirms I have barely break 2.5k and I cannot confirm into decent damage from an air-to-air to save my life. The traps seem useful in certain situations, but I feel like there’s more to this character than chucking chocolate and clouds from fullscreen and hoping for someone to wander into the eye’s range.

So innernettes, what is everyone’s approach to playing Marie? Obviously she doesn’t seem super rushdown-oriented, but how do you get your damage in and start establishing a game to force your opponent to respect? Much obliged.

May be a bit late but you’re better off looking on Dustloop for info about her as it has tons of stuff for her.

Yeah, I checked Dustloop maybe an hour after I posted this, lel. Lots of useful stuff, learned about her Fatal Counters and whatnot so I kind of have a vague picture of what this character’s gameplan should be.

Still wouldn’t hurt to gain insight into others’ perspectives though. halp pls i am skrub