Marine Corps Base Pendleton

I’m moving out there the 30th. I have never been on the west coast before and I’m eager to get into the local scene. I tried the search function and didn’t come up with anything. Sorry if this is the wrong area but does anyone know where I can head to play at least AE? I’d love to play MK9 as well though.

First off, lemme say I appreciate what you do for our country.

Secondly, Play 3s.

Thirdly, they might be able to help you in the San Diego thread.

My brother used to be in the military. He said that he would normally hang out around Oceanside.

You can try [’]]('http://[URL)

Wow, its always great to see another Marine other than myself into the gaming community. Props!

There are more of us than you might realize.

There are some casuals in Oceanside but the schedule is a little sporadic though, and I have tried to get some casuals going at my place on base (I am in housing by the main gate) but didn’t get any intrest but I am willing to try again.

Lemmie know if you wanna get some games in and maybe we can get some more folks to play