Mario Bros Thread

ok well like the other discussions here, this one will be about the OG bros themselves…discuss strategy match ups moves and more here.

one thing I have noticed about Mario now is in Melee I was able to jump in the air shoot a fireball and fast fall right after, but no longer can you do that making fireball spams kinda moot now.

Moves (work in progress)

A A A combo - simple and same stuff Mario has had since Smash 64 (though seems slower than before)

Tilts -

Air Moves -

Smashes -

Specials -

:r::snkb: , :l::snkb: mario cape. Same as Melee nothing changed but still great for reflecting attacks and timed well can ruin an opponent’s recovery

:u::snkb: coin uppercut. again not changes here

:d::snkb: FLUDD, new move for Mario. uses? well:

discussion on FLUDD uses

example videos on FLUDD uses

(thank you crazymasterhand for this!)

**Final Smash - **Mario Finale a giant dual set of firebalss goes accross the screen. once you get caught in it you’re pretty much done for. best used on the edge of the stage.

Mario just seems slower to me now =/ FLUDD is a useless move.,

to me everyone feels slower now…

been trying to see if FLUDD has some use…but more or less, it’s become one less move to even worry about. it at 1st seemed to have potential…I’ll keep testing.

IF you could just spew out Water with it than it would be great but the fact that have to charge it before use kinda makes it useless.

well not exactly…you can charge it and save it like DKs punch, or Samus’ beam attack.

^ Really? Well that changes things. Luigi is pretty buff this time around as he doesn’t slide all over the place anymore.

well in a sense they kinda had to do that what with the lack of Wave dashing making his old sliding pointless now…ain’t gonna lie…his FS always makes me laugh…ZA WARUDO!

Mario can now do 2 back-airs in one short hop. This gives him crazy kick-ass approach options. Or you can (in one short hop) do back-air to u-air. Sets up nicely for combos at certain percents.

Of course, this is kinda pointless if you’re playing online, because the lag really doesn’t let you time your aerials very well. Otherwise though, this is some badass shit that Mario can do.

What do you guys think I should do as Mario for finishers? Is he supposed to have trouble KOing before 150% damage? I’m used to Melee where I could sweet-spot f-smash and get kills at 100% usually. That seems a lot harder to do in Brawl…Or is it just me?

Well, Mario had trouble KO’ing in Melee too. His only option there was sweetspotted f-smash, and that was it–sex kick and d-smash were helpful in setting up edgeguarding, but he didn’t have anything else in terms of actual KO options.

In Brawl, besides from his f-smash, he has u-smash. It’s been ridiculously buffed; it’s faster and KOs at lower percents than before. Canceling a dash into an u-smash is probably the best means of using it. D-smash is. . .still the same. Just sets up for edgeguarding, it doesn’t really KO.

So yeah. Besides f-smash, use u-smash. D-smash is kind of weak. Sex kick doesn’t do much. F-air is too slow and difficult to set up/execute.

I liked Luigi a whole lot in Melee and he’s still pretty fun, I just haven’t settled on him yet since I’ve been fooling around with others. Dat supa uppa-cut (Or the DSUC…or up+b) is hard to land now, it was always tricky but DAMN that lag afterwards is HORRIBLE. Down B is excellent now, I’m glad that luigi has something mario doesn’t especially when it’s that useful, also making it rise by tapping B is so so much easier than before.

Remember kids, if you do the Green bullet (or whatever they call it) 8 times and nothing happens, the next one is DEFINITELY a mis-fire.

The thing that’s cool about FLUDD and squirtles water gun attack that i noticed is that it’s good for edge guarding. It has a very situational use, and the conditions that need to be met don’t happen (to me at least) very often. But when someones trying to recover back on stage after using their double jump and Up-B, you can use the FLUDD to push them off the edge. and bc it does no dmg they won’t be able to do another Up-B recovery. sorry if i’m mentioning basic basic stuff. but yeah that’s the only thing i ever found useful with it

yeah I noticed that too playing…I LOVE how beefy his up-smash is now! :lovin: gives me another option (finally!) also his aerial game seems a bit better now since I am capable of juggling (potentially) 3 up-air attacks off of a double jump plus his redone down-air can juggle as well.

forward air at best is used when you have your opponent knocked down on wake-up. just short hop and hit it…though timing is something to practice but it’s somewhat the same from melee.

it’s an interesting to my old cape alternative. if you fear risking a meteor smash and dying this can possibly be used over that. but this is assuming if your opponent is recovering and is lower than the stage when you use it…

haven’t gotten this to work yet, but I’m thinking you could use FLUDD to push people into stage hazards

I get stuff like dthrow utilt utilt uair uair “go for double jump fair and get kicked in the face” a lot so I need to figure out a better combo finisher

oh one use I did get out of FLUDD was to get some breathing room so I could go back to fireball spamming

and I love poking with ftilt

another thing, mashing A during dair still makes you hover a bit, so instead of falling through someone with dair and just knicking them, you can mash to stay where the enemy is so you catch them with the last hit

hmm…mashing D-air will still get ya some lift eh? seems much harder now that in Melee but I’ll test it some more on certain characters. FLUDD could be more beneficial in 4 player or teams matches as then your teammate can then use the kncokc back for traps…(like say…Snake?)

Luigi’s FS is freaking awesome.

i’m pretty sure this is the main use of fludd. you can also angle it up and down to suit this better. it basically screws anyone trying to grab the edge.

i’m sure if you store a full blast at the start of each life, and wait for the right situation, you’ll get some very easy kills.

Melee Mario could still kill and had many combos to utilize overall (his sexy Uair-Uair-FSmash and SHFFL Uair-DSmash), this Mario barely can do a 2 hit combo due to the floaty engine.

One thing I’ve especially noticed is his priority, almost every character I’ve faced seems to beat out his tilts and aerials, esp. characters like Snake.

I’m very disappointed with Mario so far.

experimented with dair and I was totally wrong
looks like it’s based on your momentum
do it at the peak of your jump and you’ll hover
do it while falling and you’ll keep falling
then again I might have fast fell without realizing it

I disagree wholeheartedly. Unless you were fighting large, heavy, slow characters that lacked a sex kick, then combo’ing with Mario in Melee is pretty much dependent on how poorly your opponent DIs. U-airs -> f-smash ONLY works if the opponent is DI’ing into you; this is true with fastfallers as well. U-air -> d-smash is a bit more reliable, but again, it largely depends on how badly your opponent DIs.

The only thing that Mario had that was really reliable was u-throw chaingrabbing, or very limited u-tilt -> u-air 2 to 3 hit combos. All the fancy stuff that Brown Mario and Scav popularized (u-air x 3 -> f-smash) aren’t real (i.e. reliable) combos.

But about Brawl Mario, I have to agree with you. This floaty engine–although it did give Mario double b-air in one short hop–pretty much screwed EVERYONE’S combo game. I’ve managed to combo R.O.B. a bit since he’s large and has no sex kick, so that’s a start. But yeah, I’m not pulling any kind of reliable combo out at this point.

I have to play a bit more before I render judgment, but Brawl Mario is pretty average at this point, just like he was average in Melee.