Mario Bros Thread

i just discovered something great with mario. I was playing around with the "alpha cancel/dashsmash/IDC technique to see if i could find anything else about it. and i discoverd this. if you dash back and so a forward smash in the same manner that you do the cancel. mario will take and additional step forward. i know it sounds weird since you dash back, but he goes froward by a tremndous (one full character)amount. it makes the range of his fsmash rival the sword users’.

It depends on the percentages, even in the cases when they DI away you could chase with SHFFL’d Nair or a 3rd Uair. My point is he could at least do something. And no one DIs perfectly, otherwise I wouldn’t still see pros getting caught with these combos.

SHFFL Uair into D-Smash cannot be DI’d away on certain characters (%-depending). In this game nothing with Mario is certain.

I agree, but he could still kill with edgeguard and spacing smashes, just not efficiently- which is why he wasn’t high tier.

Double Bair means little when the priority is mediocre and most characters can recover from the Bair gimp even if edgeguarded (Dedede, Pit, Snake, Meta Knight, etc…). Mario doesn’t seem to have anything redeemable, sans his decent Up Smash.

Mario was average in Melee but IMHO he’s worse here, mainly because of the floaty engine, crappy F.L.U.U.D., and lack of a recovery Tornado.

Dr.Mario would’ve done so well in this game.

So I’m not the only one who thinks Luigi is better than Mario for once? Awesome!

Luigi is awesome

Jab Jab CHING!!! Fuh LIFE!!!:rock:


As much as I LOVE Mario I find it a pain in the ass to KO with him. Like everything he had good in Melee has been removed or nerfed. Lugi FTW.

Weegee is so much better than Mario this game it’s not even funny. He’s got the jab combo into WEEGEEYUKEN for kills at 70-90%, Down-B is a very nice approach, his air game is so long lasting he might as well be on the ground, and his taunts are the sauce.

Mario is solid, but Luigi is beast. And then he’s got ZA WARUDO as his FS, which is a free Up-B on everyone in the radius.

man…ya’ll hate on Mario… :sad:


but ok seriously now, Mario’s air game has changed much now…as someone said yeah I can buffer in 2 Uairs in one hop now. his basic A A A combo is slower now as well. I don’t have that much trouble KOing with mario…but many forget his throws…his backward throw still is his most powerful throw and can be a decent alternative if you’re having trouble smashing people. Timing on his F-air seems different…still testing out any and all ways to utilize FLUDD but it looks like it’ll be similar to say Alex’s DDT from 3rd Strike…a decent surprise once in a while but can be seen coming a mile away…

edit - I’m going to begin editing my 1st post to show all of his moves…what is useable, crap and whatnot…well once I get back home to my Wii


Luigi’s cyclone recovery is insane. I was like WTF!? It’s like a double jump…

discussion on FLUDD uses

couple vids on the subject from that thread:

gotta try this shit next time I play

excellent find! I have been testing this out and yeah timing is extremely crucial in having this work out. Seeing this in action shows that FLUDD with cape can be even more evil than cape alone now. I want to have this info be set on page 1! again great find! :tup:

lol I love the song they use for that last vid…“skeet on yo face!” :rofl:

This post is win.

Has everyone seen this?

Mario can use his forward momentum to fly off the stage while using the cape. It has practical uses, and just looks badass.

The F.L.U.U.D. and cape stuff look nice for Mario but it’s still I’m a skeptic. The approaches are based more on the opponent behaving in a certain pattern than actually being overall effective. It seems Mario has to come up with random stuff to be effective while his Brother is just good thanks to a nice design.

These things could evolve into more interesting techs but for now I’m still in limbo…

I haven’t found a decent use for FLUDD aside from raping Ness and Lucas’s recovery. It’s honestly just really stupid.

the fludd also “stops” some vertical movement while keeping people stuck, if you angle it right against lots of others you can keep them out far enough for caping.

by itself its pretty much useless, but with the cape you can hurt lots of recoveries.

(gannon, DDD, space animals)

I once used FLUDD to force Lucas to whiff a fair

FFA trick: see Ike charging a smash, push him in someone else’s way

I’ve seen somebody get knocked off the stage, cape away from the stage, blast fludd to shoot closer to the stage, cape towards the stage and up+b for recovery one time. It seemed unnecessary, but looked cool.

Does caping working on disjointed hitboxes? Can I cape a Marth fsmash tipper?

I tried that yesterday, but when I fired FLUDD I fast fell and died

EDIT: pushed dedede off the right side of 75m with FLUDD while he was busy mashing jab lol

I’m finding that Mario beats a lot of mid-lower tier characters easy, but he has some shit match-ups.

Have any Mario players crafted a solid strategy against Wolf? And by Wolf, I mean gay laser spamming, fsmash dsmash happy queer.

Also, Game & Watch rapes my Mario. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. D:

Even if you aren’t makeing mistakes agains Game and Watch, he’s a tough match. His attacks have gained more speed and priority from Melee, and he gives Luigi a tough match as it is, even with Luigi’s great priority.

I’ve been using Gannon against G&W, but I really want to form solid Mario plans for all the (supposedly) high-tier characters. Gotta move Mario up.

I notice that bucket-happy GamenWatches tend to bucket every time they see the fireball, so I like to toss a random fire ball in the completely opposite direction and hope they bucket, so I can get a free hit. This only works once, though. <_<