Mario Kart 64 at EVO

Hello people, this seems like the spot to post my thread so here it is. I would like to play some Mario Kart 64 on the day of EVO just for fun and possibly friendly money matches too. It will be 2 on 2 money matches 150% cc grand prix 1st to 4 in CUPS(not tracks). Small amounts will be 2 on 2 150% cc grand prix 1st to 4 in tracks(not CUPS). I dunno how else to say this other than, “I’m the best at Mario Kart 64” lol. I will be bringing my friends along and they’re very pro at this game too. Please give me your opinions of what you think about this. In just Two weeks, depending on the amount of opinions and responses I get, I may or may not make this happen. Thanks!

Toad is OP.

Toad is fuckin OP.

Peach was also godlike but Toad man he whooped my ass every time.

For real…

Yoshi, Peach, Toad are all op. Everyone else is bleh or shit.

The blehest/shittiest of them all was obviously Bowser.

Don’t know why, but I’ve always loved Wario.

double dash is the best Mario Kart.
64 is glitch galore…, can’t be played competitively.

It can if you say no Unintentional Shortcuts, but the fourth guy will always be screwed cuz he wont have peach/toad/yoshi.

Speaking of glitches and competitive play…

All these guys suck except the Yoshi. He was the only competent player.

I fucking always hated the big characters like Bowser in Mario Kart games.

Mario Kart DS is the best game. 64 can’t compare


Original Mario Kart Battle Mode or GTFO.

Bowser low tier warrior.

It can be agrued whether this is definitive…Pretty interesting nevertheless.

Why not Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed? It’s on both PS3 and 360.

I will MM someone in Funky Bikes Wii.

No Items, Rainbow Road, Funky only.

Yo, Danika Patrick Gets loose in that game. Although she’s just sonic with handling, without just giving up all the good stats.