Mario Kart DS at EVO?!

I really wasn’t expecting that. I’m wondering what the turnout is going to be for that game :sweat:

. . .

whats next Lumines tournay? o.0

I still can’t believe it… and the fact thats its on a handheld surprises me even more…

time killers or connect four.

Evo should have Duck Hunt

i will own in that game! lol

This is fucking tight. :smiley:

wow… im sadden by this news

RIP - Fighting Game Community


Shut the fuck up.


So counting the boxes, that means that the rest are CvS2, ST/AE, 3S, and xx/?

Aw no KOF.

This surprises you…how? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m kinda surprised by this tourney entry. Not disappointed, but REALLY surprised.

Kinda wish it was Double Dash, if anything.

yea i think that double dash would have made more sense, at least it would have not been on a hand held. Not everyone has a DS, but anyone can get an extra controller for the gamecube. But i’m waiting for the next games to be announced

Heres Hoping Doa4 is on that list of games for evo. 4 spots empty.

3s, CvS2, Doa4, and GGXX/ whichever ver.

Puzzle fighter would of made more sense.

Whoops I forgot about DoA4.

I don’t know much about MKDS. Can you connect a DS to a projector?

I’m perplexed by this choice. Don’t get me wrong, MKDS is the shit, but it doesn’t seem to fit whatsoever with the tournament itself or the people attending the tournament. Does Evo want a repeat of last year with the whole Halo community issue? Does MKDS even have a “scene”? It seems like a great idea for a BYOC tourney, but not one of the headlining games.

I wish it was MK64, i’d be there in a snap. DS is cool though, i wonder how are they gonna capture the races LOL.

LOL, this is pretty funny but at the same time pretty interesting

MKDS rules. Nuff said.

It seems a little out of place though, but, whatever.

God what an idiot.

This is awesome news!


More like to see who can snake the best and who gets the best items.

Whatever, still cool.