Mario kart fo zsnes

Just wondering if theres any mario kart fans on here:looney:

Hi, I play SNES Mario Kart. I am on ZSNES sometimes. Post up here with a time/day you would like to play and I will see if it works!


k wsop this is shiro just hollaat me on aim
shiro dk420

I’ve never played a N64 emu online, but it would be cool to try that sometime, since you could get more than two players.

Im talking about the snes version =/

people play SMK all the time on zbattle.

I know, I was just saying it may be cool to try something where you could get four people playing, rather than two.

i’d try it out.

anyhow I’m up for Mario Kart on zsnes as well, though I haven’t played in forever.

hit me up on aim
shiro dk420

I have a Zsnes emulator and I can get the Mario Kart rom,but how do I get online with Mario Kart.