Mario Kart Questions

Is it a random level for the time trial?
Are all cars allowed? :annoy: :annoy:

20,000,000 Dry Bones + Tank combo players.

Including me.

As we did for Evo West, the Time Trial will be a track chosen by the staff, but you won’t know what it is until you get there.

And any car is allowed.

what cc’s were the finals run on? what were the qualifying drivers/ vehicles?

can someone please explain the rules to this game at EVO? i am entering, but have no idea how the tournament will be played. what cc’s are the finals run on?:looney:

The rules are plainly explained on the site. Go there, all of your questions will be answered.


cool, but it doesn’t say what CC’s that it is run on. what cc’s are finals run on?

150, quit whining.

cool thanks! quit projecting.:looney: