Mario saves the Seth McFarlane!




yeah. This is pure gold


The “By the way…by the way!” part was pretty funny. Reminded me of Group X.


it was good i liked when he played the music for the star but i was mad he aint mention the other castles part.


hehe cool




lol kinda a played out joke. we’ve all seen this in one form or another but still funny.


I’m looking for the price fowr dat cereal bawksz for my daid.


LoL. I like that one, but Mr. Coke is pretty damn funny too.

Cooooooome on Misses!

Oh, and haives.


A Scotsman Who Can’t Watch A Movie Without Shouting At …

another one




Two Ducks Watch 'Meet The Parents

if you havent seen it here is the next one.


that one was hilarious. the duck with the green head reminds me of the one from duckhunt on nes


A Scotsman Who Still Can’t Watch A Movie Without Shouting At The Screen

next one enjoy I didnt really care for this one.


Cat Staff Meeting

it is better than the last one.


Barry Gibb Rides a Roller Coaster

Warning extremely short! This one is just plain garbage


The only remotely funny thing in most of these videos are those people trying to defend them in the comments.


Marital Troubles


Jeff Goldblum Wafers


Jesus and Vishnu on Christmas Eve