Mario & Sonic at the Olympics

anyone get it yet? i may get it next weekend so i can play people but mario galaxy got my eye as well so i dont know…:crybaby:

Save your money so you can me when i beast you in any game you pick up.

I copped both games. mario and sonic is fun, but unless you have a group for multiplayer, replay value is low. Plus that shit made me feel like i ran on marathon while handstanding after I played it all day.

HA you might as well go ahead and give james the money cuz thats mine for the taking. anyways it has online play right? doesnt that mean multiplayer all day?

I rented it, I didn’t notice online multiplayer in the menus, maybe you have to unlock it? it says it right on the box. I didn’t really care much for the games though, it was ok but definitely not better than Super Mario Galaxy.

No online play. Leaderboards only. I can only recommend getting this game if you have enough people to play 4 player matches every once in a while.

Nintendo still slacking with online play.

Well, if you are into Smash, that game looks promising, but I still think the whole friend code thing sucks. I have yet to play a good Nintendo WiFi game other than Tetris.

so there isnt wifi ok thats good to know.

Yeah, I think that whole WiFi logo on the cover thing is bullshit.

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MMO spammers in the Mario & Sonic thread?

BTW this game is pretty fun with a couple friends. It wears my hands/arms out real quick though. I play Tails, Vector, and Blaze most of the time. Sometimes Luigi.

Yes I think like Remy Saotome its fun with friends but you use wifi only for compare records.