Mark of the Wolves 2: The Unreleased Fighters thread


So I was browsing looking for a valuation on my SNK vs Capcom cradfighters 2 cart for NGPC, and I ended up following some links regarding the very rare and as yet unemulated Fight Fever 2.

I ended up navigating to the page of a guy who claimed to have seen and played the Neo Geo prototype and has footgae of the game- it was RELEASED for 3D0 in Korea in 1996.

The guys mission is the intriguing part:

NeoGeoProtos mission

The more relevant part is the three lost Neo Geo fighting games:

[]Warlocks of Fate
]Fight Fever 2
[*]Mark of the Wolves 2: Garou Special:

Garou 2 info and screenshots

I and I’m sure most other long-term fighting game players will be aware of MotW2 having been in development. This is the first screens I have seen for it though.

The guy’s quest is sick and I’m 100% sure he will publish media of all the games if/when he gets them (he actually has at least 5 of the 18 now AFAIK)

Fight Fever 2:

3D0 gameplay:
Other unreleased fighters:*
Capcom Fighting All Stars:**

You should all know this one


Fighting Bujutsu: Fighting Wu Shu aka Fighting Wu Shu:

Widely reported on database sites as being released, I can see no evidence of it ever being released. No known owners, and someone offering cash for a photocopy of the manual never even got a reply. This game is like a ghost. Funnily enough I actually played this game at a trade show in 1997, either ATEI, ECTS or JAMMA Europe. They also had a beta test in Sega World, Bournemouth UK that I played it on. I thought it was really good and was like a cross between DOA1 (which at the time was arguably the best 3d fighter out there after VF) and VF2.

Primal Rage 2:

OMG new footage!!!***

Pocket Fighter 2: The Revenge of the New Challengers**
Info is not accurate. Game was never released, but definitely exists in some form, somewhere.

This, for me, is along with Sammy vs Capcom the holy grail in terms of actually sitting down and getting to play the game. Doubt it will ever happen but maybe one day the prototype ROM will surface. Like with Primal Rage II and Fight Fever II.

Sammy vs Capcom**

Google it yourself. I can’t be assed.

I’ll update this post with any and all info and media for any UNRELEASED fighters. There is already a very good thread for ‘obscure fighters’ (search for it) and one for shitty games. This is JUST for games that never saw an official, or at least widespread commercial arcade release. Console games are fine too, not that I can think of any.


Don’t think there would be much discussion other then ‘man these shouldve been released’


Yeah probably, but at th every least the people here that didn’t know about these games can at least enjoy the media and with shit like this, the more people that know the better.

Dream scenario some '09 member replies “oh hai I have this funny Neo cartridge that says 'Proto Warlocks on it” or something.

Or Someone posts hacks from Sirlin’s PC again :stuck_out_tongue:


Regardless of whether or not it will spawn good debate, it was an interesting read and it was fun to look over some of the media related to these unreleased games again. I really hope that somehow he can track down a proto cart of that because I’d love to see some video of that.


The blue TOP bars in the MotW Special are pretty as hell, and Mr Karate? Damn. They ever have any screenshots of the supposed apprentice of Joe or was she just mentioned in an interview and never shown?


If any further proof were needed that this guy is an unrelenting GOLD WAR MACHINE of prototype games:

8 years after starting his quest he was offering $1,000 JUST FOR THE SERIAL NUMBER of a board.

No product. Not even a photo! JUST the numbers!!!

kind of sounds like a storyline from LOST

“aarrgghh the NUMBERS… Hugo what year is this… who’s the president… ARE SNK STILL MAKING NEO GAMES!!!”

EDIT: link to the $1000-for-some-numbers thread.

lol @ teh hates he gets. They are all jealous of the king.


Impressive indeed.

I wonder if any of the lucky owners of the PR2 cabs would put some vids on request.


pues no no es posible ahoramente a pasar el selecion screen :frowning:

Pero estamos tratando! Hasta la victoria


Good shit. Had no idea there were MOTW2 screen shots. Now I need that fucking game or my life will never be complete.


honestly I would quit all other FGs for motw2


Isn’t MotW2 still being made? As in, SNK picked it up again.


Hehe thx for the spanish! I was referring to the owners of the ORIGINAL PR2 cabs :pleased:


I have e-mailed Billy Pitt (the orochi version of Billy Mitchell) and offered lifelong international support from the entire fighting game community in his Quest ™.

We ask for nothing in return apart from access to Garou 2.

Between SRK, #irc, neoempire, comboadictos/the latin American sites, Japan…

surely the united forces of every member, 00-09, to <insert smash forum> can find these mystical prototypes and unlock GAROU 2 WE CAN DO THIS FUCK YEAH


For all we know the MOTW2 cart is outside of a convenience store in Tijuana. Probably in an MK1 cabinet.


WHAT someone has a WORKING cab?

As far as I know ALL instances of the game run from the same prototype board’s romsets- even played unemud from native hardware they have the same glitches and shit…

so the original cab owner would have a cab that only loads to the title screen/crashes on the selection screen.

Correct me someone?

As a Mexican I have to quote this and chuckle knowingly


Pretty sure whatever what was left with that agreement became Sengoku Basara X.


Billy’s motto:

Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream things that never were, and say why not.

This man is YOUR best chance of playing OG Garou 2.


Wow this interesting how this game was swept behind ,but there are still actual protos available you just have to search hard for them . I really hope that guy finds it.


I remember that a lot of unreleased games were commented on this awesome obscure fighters thread by Crayfish, like Tenrin No Syo Chicago (a sort of Breakers prequel because it was the first build of the game on 1994).


ive actually met this guy at some old ass neo gatherings
and at a tournament he and jason wilson threw back in the day.
he was a pretty cool guy and bro…
this guy had soo many neo carts id never heard of it was fucking crazy.
me and my boy were like kids in a candy store!:lovin:
this was when there was no such thing as emulation btw
got to finally see and play lots of shit i could never afford.:sad:

lol @ all the people hatin on him @
just a bunch of collector dudes who dont actually PLAY any of those games
they just buy sell rinse/repeat.

speaking of eye of the typhoon man ive been tryin to find this game for YEARS. lol
yes… i am one of those collector dudes but i play the shit outta everything:wonder: