Mark of the Wolves Coming For The PS2

Its slate to be released in Japan on 30 Jun(yes Time_Stop I know this is old news) so cross your fingers for a US release.

i have it on my neo-geo. the only way i’m interested in a ps2 version is if it had online support, and we know how many ps2 fighting games have online support…

lol dam right

oooh good place to ask, whats top in and how does the whole system work?

it does have online support but I think for japan only. Plus I wonder how smooth it will run on the Ps2 and the loading times for it. I don’t have my import ps2 at the moment so I can’t play till after evo, sad huh. Also later next month Last Blade 1 and 2 will be coming out for ps2 and KOF NeoWave.

Fairly simple, pick a certain section of your lifebar (you can choose three size for the TOP bar–1/3, 1/5 or 1/15 of your life), and when your life gets in that range you get an attack bonus (+25% for 1/3, +50% for 1/5, and +75% for 1/15) AND you can recover all of your lifebar above the TOP level AND you get access to a new special move (unique to all characters) usable by pressing :snkc: :snkd:

Assume, can’t wait for it to come to america

Ah thanks for explaing that feature, I’ve been wondering about it forever as well.

But what do people usually use? 1/15 seems to be a bit risky, so I’m guessing top players usually pick 1/3 or 1/5?

The 30th!?!?

I would’ve pre-order this bitch long ago :sad:

Damn, I didn’t even know you could change the size of the TOP bar until I read this and just tested it :confused:.

I had this game for Dreamcast. no reason to get it for PS2.

Its seems to have more extras than the Dreamcast ver plus I don’t think (some well correct me on this) that the DC ver is arcade perfect. It be nice if they did the joysticks for the US ver as well.

i’ve heard the dc version is not arcade perfect. i’ve never played any version but the neo one. can you adjust the size of the top bar on the ng version?

DC is not arcade perfect… lotta cut frames and such which can mess with the timing
use default top because thats the only one you can use in arcades.
Maybe we will still get online play for the US via xconnect or some such…
heres hoping (that way I can still play KoF Neowave with people when it comes out…)

Yeah, the DC version is beyond when it comes to sound and frame delays. The PS2 version (torrent) is out btw.

Yep, up/down when moving it.

hmm…never knew that. thx.

i have a big feeling this will be ported to xbox and online play will be taken care of there. i really wish 2d fighters were online for ps2, not xbox. its such a drag to have to wait for xbox ports.

shit i’ll get it since my dc is busted right now.

Anyone who picks this up, find out if this is perfect or not. In that it’s based on the original version of Garou, and not version B/Dreamcast BS version.