Markman Joins the Darkside!

I always knew something was up with this guy…

Lol, that’s me as DM. Obviously Markman wouldn’t recognize me in costume, but I had to get his attention and gave him a look like he owed me money. He didn’t budge though…

Just a quick photo post. Great stuff going on at Comic Con this year! Good to see you again, Markman.

nice Darth Maul!


oh look! <3 we match!


You don’t know the power of the darkside.

Nice :d

arthong, I see now.
You don’t really have a Laser Cutter.
You use your Lightsaber to cut the Acrylic!

If this were facebook, I would like this.

Kinda disappointed the lightsaber isn’t made out plexi!:rofl:

Hey Art!

I’m not sure MANY people would have recognized you with you in costume like that.

How did your performance go? Any vids?

Arthrong is famous! 2010 Comic-Con - Costumes - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies

Nice Mark!

OMG possibly the gnarliest Zangief.

nasty Zangief

I wholesomely agree, I know which picture you were mentioning without looking at it again. Yuck.

Markman’s feet seem to have merged with the carpet.


That Zangief was at Anime Expo 2009 also.

Check him out playing ParaParaParadise.

Please watch.

I got to see in person last year.
It was cool.


Hey, that’s true, I didn’t notice the color matching. See? DARK SIDE!

Dude, I was totally going to make photo skit of that too! Darth maul meticulously cutting the holes with the saber, lol! But eh, I don’t think I want to waste production time to put on all that makeup again… took freakin 3-4 hrs to get everything right, and to shave again. Maybe some day, maybe, lol.

Haha, yeah I was just messing with Mark. Performance went alright, here’s the vid:


I wasn’t entirely happy with the it because for whatever reason my saber wasn’t screwed on tight enough so it came apart way too early in our skit… so half of it was improvised. Had it stayed together there would’ve been a much better display of the double saber twirling and such. Ah well…

We were imperial knights too =)

2010 Comic-Con - Costumes - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies

OMG… that cracked me up so bad last night!

My friends know that Zangief haha!