Markman VS _____________ ? - Matchup Discussion



In this thread we will talk about general matchups. Ready? GO!


VS. Redacted - Advantage Markman

Redacted is pretty boned if she lands in one of Markman’s springs square on. That’s another big factor in the matchup, IMO. Her ability to control range once Markman builds up enough meter/kick factor makes it tough.

Since Redacted doesn’t have a good forward moving dive>kick then Markman is free to zone all day with items. The only item that would play to Redacted’s favor is the oil. Redacted + oil = mad momentum. Most Markman players will know this so be wary.

Glue/black hole/spring own the stuffing out of Redacted. Any of those items out there will keep Redacted at bay so you can either fish for more items or build meter.

Not only that, the angle in which Markman’s kick moves is totally wins if timed right. The only thing that Redcated has is jump height/jump speed. All of which can be dealt with if zoned properly.


I hate playing against MarkMan with my Dive.


Another advantage of fighting Redacted is that you can essentially get a free item toss at the beginning of the round if you’d like; I don’t believe that she can get to you fast enough to punish (please correct me if I’m wrong).


In just about every matchup, you can just space safe kickback pokes while building meter. Markman seems really straight forward to me so far, but a couple matchups can be tricky. I think every matchup is in Markman’s favor, except Shoals (5-5). This is all assuming you have the kick gem.

vs Jefailey

If he is building meter, you just need to stand outside of his kick range and punish his kicks. You can pretty easily outspace his kicks. It should be really tough for him to get k-factor if you space right.

If he is just charging, you can just build meter into k-factor for free. Just stay full screen, and dive after him if he is going for a full screen snipe. You can react to his kick if he goes in.

vs Kick

Again, just space safe kick back pokes. You can mix this up with dive kicks to corner kick while building meter faster than him. Good kick players will be able to react to this and punish, so you will need to mix up your meter build with small waits to throw off kick’s timing. It is really difficult for kick to space around Markman’s kick, so it is on him to make something happen.

Your goal is to get k-factor first to avoid a headshot chain from a k-factored kick. Even in k-factor, it can be tough for kick to catch Markman, especially if you have feint meter up. Just make sure he has to chase you slowly, and don’t try to cross under. You can still threaten kick back kick pokes while he is k-factored, but be careful. It is really easy to get headshot doing this.