MARKMAN What happened to the Final Round discounts?


I don’t mean to be an ass or anything but, final round you did give a 20% off on TE fightsticks round2, promocode was “SuperFR”. It was 1 day only and I ordered mine when you were actually still on the stream during the arm’s wrestling thing. It seems to me kinda weird that I have money in the bank and the order should have been easily done no problems. I check my bank statement today and all of a sudden my order is gone “totally”. So I couldn’t really understand why have a promotion and the company denies it when you actually make the order that’s bad for business. I really was looking forward too getting that stick cause last one I need I have one for every system or would have had one for every system. All in all I just think as a major company that is a lowblow move Madkatz just did too me, waiting for a call or a responce. Feel free to PM me or whatever I really don’t wanna order the Hori stick I’m actually a fan or Madkatz sticks … this is not a rant just being truthful!


I think you just fucked up, didn’t order at all and you just want a discount. However, at PAX East NEXT weekend, there will be another coupon, so don’t miss out this time imo.


It came but its weird money still in my account, but thx marn and markman!


I wouldn’t lie about order why would I do that?


while this does suck, this doesn’t belong here, you should pm him, or maybe contact him through

and i doubt it is his fault


So you got 100% Discount?
Is this good or bad for you?


lol, glad it worked out?

Gimme your order #.


I was waiting for confirmation email, I never got it MarkMan just checked my email again, and my bank account they for sure messed up. I never got confirmation AND money back in my account I see no charge from madkatz. I got money their though PM me to work this out thx.


good, but I’m honest!