MarkMan's BUY/SELL/TRADE Thread


Hi guys. I have a ton of stuff.

But I’m looking for stuff to add to my collection. I’m looking for the following WITH box/packaging:

Have cash/PayPal/stuff for trade/sell and all that. I have a ton of arcade sticks available for all consoles. If you have inquiries, PLEASE PM ME.

Here is my old thread:


hey markman just found this post on ebay for that Hori Real Arcade PS (1996; PlayStation) that you wanted. looks a bit beat up tho…

… oops didn’t look closely enough… its just the fight stick version…


Yeah, thanks. I already have the stick, I just want a nice one with the box.


Interested in an ascii optical for the DC at all?


Which one?

I have all but one of them. I think.


Alright, so here are some pics of some I’m looking for… again, please note, prefer these WITH the box.





[*]** SPITAL PROGRAMMABLE JOYSTICK for PlayStation (I’ve never seen the box for this).**


[*]** Hori Fighting Stick PS**




this one seems to be in good condition but no box

Hori Fighting Stick PS - Playstation PS1 - heavy metal - eBay (item 260685039508 end time Dec-28-10 23:19:39 PST)


^ Yea. No need, I have 2 of these already but I really want one with the box or just the box if possible haha.


Scratch the EHRGEIZ stick. Got one. :wink:


Wow, I had no idea some of these sticks even existed! That Hori EHRGEIZ stick is so badass! :cybot:


hehe, you should see all the crap in my collection, I think I own stuff people have never heard of.


like what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow Markman, all the sticks u need I have them in stock with box. Except the red commander stick I don’t have one with box.


Youre going to give the poor man a heartattack meus…


Did you get the awesome looking yoyo with it? haha. :smiley:


Can you post a picture of the SPITAL Command stick box? I’ve never seen it :wink:

I have all of these sticks but I just need boxed ones :frowning:


You’d think with over 2XX (I lost count, I think its 230ish or 240ish) arcade sticks, I’d be used to heart attacks by now :wink:


Haha YES!


pm sent



Happy New Year all!