MarkMan's BUY/SELL/TRADE Thread

pm sent, will definately be a happy new year once deal is concluded. thanks man

Will be traveling for business for the next 10 days. Post here/PM and I’ll get back to anyone here that is following.

i guess our deal is on hold until then

Underrated game is underrated. Had absolutely no idea they even made a stick for this


Ehrgeiz Battle Beach for SoCal Regionals 2011?

pm sent

Thanks. I’m back from my travels!

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

welcome back man,

so you got ne info on madcatz uk store promo ??

If you ever want a SFAE stick with original box and poster PM me. Does have modded buttons though.

are you interested in a Dreamcast ASCII SNK Version Fightpad controller?
here is a link:

Hey markman do u have a tekken 5 arcad stick for sale?

pm sent

No info yet. Maybe soon.

I have several already, thanks though.

Have one already, thank you though.

I don’t, sorry.

Will reply later today. Thanks!

Hey Markman, I was wondering if you’d be interested on any of this sticks, the GAROU stick is brand new, comes with the game sealed, the other is the KUSANAGI, which is also new, but the games was opened and played a couple of times, so LMK what you think. thanks
here is the link for some pictues.

NEO GEO PS2 STICKS pictures by magocyber - Photobucket

hi markman

havent heard from you for a while, i know you busy and things, im not sure if youve received my pms.

if you havent got my messages, let me know and ill get in touch