Marlin Pie Vs TA Frutsy - Evo 2K12 Offstream Match


Another fantastic offstream match. TA Frutsy sending Marlin Pie to losers.

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MvC Elite Mexico Group:

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Twitter: @Versusmx_



Thanks for the vid.


Wow, I wanted to watch this! Thanks, bro!


This pretty much spells out how Viper pretty much loses vs MODOK straight up without vajra or jam sess.

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MarlinPie needs that Strider assist against MODOK lol


Awesome! So glad someone got these, great job.


Awsome thanks for uploading.


All those brown guys talking poo had me laughing.


sweet, maybe after bein beat by a Modok marlin might consider that character. I know he actually does mess around with him as I have seen him play that character in casuals and he has some pretty sick stuff. I’m sure if he really invested time with the character we would see some jaw dropping material. I say drop Viper for Modok.


See. Even Marlinpie can block MODOK’s offensive high/lows just fine…

It’s MODOK runaway game that is throwing people, and getting hits.


I highly doubt MODOK’s runaway game will be as effective in the future, once more people become familiar with him. MODOK’s zoning and rushdown games, however, will still be strong with assists like missiles in the future IMO.


Good to see someone else getting blown up by captain too. Modok did some work but so did cap. I fucking hate cap. Modok has to be the most annoying character in the game to fight against.


Frutsy drops two so ofen the combos with cap. america, hi needs more practice on that combo. by the way, nice vid.


I like seeing the MODOK, but it was Cap that won this series for Frutsy.


Marlin Pie could have shot hidden missiles against Modok while he had Doom in. Those missiles will track Modok even if he’s at the highest part of the screen.


elvis modok not found!


Elvis Modok deactivates the tracking for hidden missiles.


Marlin Pie should have played Dante… he’s so good with him. I’ve seen him do some of the sickest shit with him on The Break. Frutsy wouldnt have been so fly friendly if Marlin had Dante on deck.


Not if you have Vajra.


Ppl still dont understand how good modok is on offense… His runaway is ok but he is on the move pushing buttons could cost them a character or a jamming bombed anchor…

I hope ppl are still on zero and vergil nuts next year

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