Marn + Dudley = heaven!

Awesome to see Marn take it home with Dudley at Devastation this year! Here come the million new Dudley players (for a week anyway lol).


i like how marn uses him in GRAND FINALS ONLY and this place becomes a giant shitstorm.

wow, up to 98 viewing Dudley so far. I’m not surprised that it’s not gonna top the Fei Long viewers after Inthul (500+) though since it wasn’t a crazy upset…and most probably already know Dudley is not easy to play at all.


Congrats to Marn! Awesome matches!

True but he looked so good doing it. Can you blame them?

I am going to play dudley because i like ot jump on bandwagons

Well, before Marn won devestation with Dudley, I was thinking of picking up the character. Need to diversify a bit outside Makoto, Fei Long and Guile…

I’ve always been from the 1 character only camp though a 2nd just for fun matches isn’t bad…but wow you’re going for FOUR! Good luck if you decide to give him a go, with you already using Makoto and Fei you’ll have a good idea of what to expect as far as match approaches…just new tools to put in the box is all.

I don’t have any backup right now (no time so far), and I just don’t know who else I’d go with…maybe Adon or Makoto, but really no idea. I didn’t start using Dudley until very late 3S, and 100% full time in SSFIV. I used Ken prior to that since the very first days of SF, but after that many years (and the direction he went with SF4) I just decided it was enough and time to get someone fresh. I’ve never been into projectile characters which was another reason I chose Ken over Ryu back in the day…and even as Ken I rarely if EVER used projectiles. I love the up close game, and nobody is more fun than Dudley for that I think.

Okay enough yapping, good luck if you give him a go. :slight_smile:


HAI GAIZ… How do I Dudley?

counter-hit standing fierce until the button breaks

Real talk, fuck links, standing fierce, all. day. long.

Congrats Marn!

The problem with that is that… it actually does work to a degree.
The move is THAT good.

marn doesn’t even bother with short swing blow, cross counter, thunderbolt or rose. lots more depth to the character that he hasn’t looked at, as opposed to what is currently setup->ex machine gun blow->juggle->beat on wakeup, repeat.

his dudley is looking a lot better than last time, which was mainly just mashing fierce all day, good to see.

Lols at bother with SSB CC, TB and Rose… why bother with any of that shitty stuff. SSB sucks, and really is only good like once in a blue moon, same with CC. TB SUCKS, ROSE SUCKS and add no depth to the character just dumb-ass stuff. Marn’s dudley is smart, and def how the character should be played. Mashing fierce is good if people want to not block. If your close enough and it trades you can even combo off it.

Almost all good Dudleys refrain from using those moves/taunt. Apart from cross counter those moves are more or less useless.

EDIT: oops, didn’t see the post above.

And congrats to Marn! What an epic day you had yesterday!

i dont agree. everytime he has ex, he uses it for mgb. its gonna get predictable and he’ll need to switch things up.

I agree, there are uses for both SSB and CC it’s just that you don’t see many people use them. SSB in a combo is awesome for damage, and rather easy to hit. F+MK -> S+HK -> MK SSB -> Super is fantastic damage (~540 w/super and 292 w/o super). The link really isn’t that hard at all to me, and as a punish is extremely useful.

It’s interesting that I don’t see more people use the F+MK -> S+HK link since it does such high damage and stun, but I guess if Marn doesn’t do it then why should anyone else? The only reason I imagine he doesn’t do it is because that nice little 5 piece combo to EX MGB is easier to confirm or it’s just part of his style. That…or if you miss the link then all you get is a F+MK, but really it’s an easier link to me.

Thunderbolt though still seems to me not super useful for anything other than a shock tactic…who knows maybe one day someone will find a specific use for it cuz it is a cool looking move.


thats not true, he also used it to do ex jet upper, the other good use for it. If dudley doesn’t have trouble getting in on a player (ie no need to dash cancel stuff) then all he needs ex for logically is combos to MGB and or Jet upper. If your consistently using your ex for things other than this, or perhaps landing super than you are probably doing it wrong. Using meter to get more damage for combos isn’t predictable (well it is if you use the actual definition of the word but thats a whole other argument) it is how the game fucking played. EX MGB blow combos do around 300 at least, and not only that it pushes someone to the corner, a place where Dudley wants them because they can’t run away. You can not agree, but you probably wont win much either…

EDIT: post was in reply tow willg.

I agree 100% that meter doesn’t need to really be used for much other than EX MGB, EX Jet, or Super. I don’t believe in using meter during combos except for EX MGB or Super. With the rate that you can build meter with Dudley I think super in combos is extremely useful…unless you’re doing those long combos (anything 4-5 light hits prior to super) using smaller attacks like partial target combos which cause significant damage scaling to kick in.

Thankfully like you said Capcom saw fit to make sure that you never really need to dash cancel anything with Dudley so we can hold onto meter for as long as we want. Using lp jet to lp mgb is great to move across the stage if you wanna hold onto meter (or just don’t have any) and does about 300 damage in combo as well. Then again…almost anything Dudley does is ~300 or greater damage lol.