Marn R.Mika

Ok so I just finished watching Norcal Regionals 2016, and I must say this tier list is complete Bull Shit.

I can not see R.Mika being bottom tier, especially since Marn was able to get out of the death bracket in winners side and then get top 4, while beating people along the say such as CJShowstopper, Mago, K-brad, Filipino Champ, Ricky Ortiz, and Nuckledu. I swear event hubs must have the stupidest people working on the tier lists because back when Elena was released in street fighter 4 event hubs again put her in the bottom until people started dumpstering with her. And no I am not saying Marn is a bad player at all, Im just saying people are really under rating R.mika.

Like this tier list has characters like Ken and Rashid above her and I can not see why, especially since the payoff for getting in with r.mika is stupid about of dmg.

Im starting to think street fighter players just like hating on mixup charaters, just because thats the characters play-style.

The answer is simple - don’t go to EventHubs.

The EventHubs list is user-voted, and therefore irrelevant. It has absolutely no basis in top player opinion or character analysis at all.

Yeah I have come to that conclusion also. I am just baffled how the people working on the tier list at eventhubs manage to fuck it up so hard over and over its like they don’t even play the game x.x

Oh wow i did not know that. Well thank you for the information. Here have an Insightful.

Eventhubs is a congregation of shit slinging retarded apes. Dumb ass Steven ‘Dreamking23’ Chavez prefaces his posts with this, " I want to say this for emphasis: we are not saying that the current tier list is the definitive match up chart for the game. We are simply continuing our series in which we’ll be taking a comparative look at how our tiers change every so often. "

No. You don’t get a pass for your tier lists by dropping this line. Because there will be many out there who will look at this tier list and give it some sort of credence and/or value, which is funny.

I am so glad others feel the same way. I just find it sad that there are people out there that believe eventhubs tier lists are fact. And i think its compounded upon since event hubs is like literally the first link that pops up for street fighter tier lists.

to be fair, it is important to know what popular opinion is.

And the eventhubs tier list shows the PUBLIC PERCEPTION of characters.

I try to have an ear to the ground to figure out what’s what in games, and since tiers are so close in SFV, and no one is really saying anything substantial, or even purposefully trolling(Marn saying Mika is worst character, pretty obvious what his opinion is now). Because outside of pros speaking, tournament results, or online ranks, we don’t have much to go on.

As for the actual subject: We’ve already got a topic for the Ehubs tier list placement. So not really sure why this is a new topic.

Rather than those fools “voting”, here’s a data-backed source:

Wow thanks thats getting bookmarked right away! Thank you every much.

Fascinating. What the hell is this thing? How do I not know about it?

All Tier Lists from top players should be taken with a grain of salt and community voted tier lists shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

Personally, I think Mika is a mid-ish tier character but with the potential for explosive comebacks. Her one main issue is that she has trouble getting in and players will take advantage of that, but I think between her damage and potential ‘mix ups’, she has tricks.

Even this can be misleading though. Characters that are played more are typically underrated on these lists as people are more familiar with the match up. It also doesn’t filter out lower skill levels, so some characters are heavily diluted because of their popularity among the lower skilled player base.

If you could filter this by ranks you could see a much better picture. For example the main list shows Dhalsim has a 72% win rate against gief, and a 47% win rate against Claw. This would mean that gief is a pretty favorable match up. But when we look at TS-Sabin specifically we see that Gief took a bite out of Sabin’s Dhalsim where not a single Claw has. Looking at other top Dhalsim players I see others have the same trend. A lower win % against Gief than Claw, even though the bulk stats show Claw has a worse match up.

really, if whoever is doing this could expand it to the scope of 2 site) that’d be awesome.

Not gonna lie, Marn’s Mika had me laughing quite a bit. So much risk, such massive reward. Very entertaining.

I really think the only reason he did so poorly against Justin was just too much respect. The crazy all but vanished in those matches.

As a good R.Mika should be

Your avatar is powerful. Love it.

As a Juri/Mika player I thought it was a good mix of their demeanors. R.Mika means business!

So whats the real tier list.
At least event hubs was a bit accurate with SF4…
They at least had the top tier correct lol

I am waiting till the next big event. Been collecting lots of data and people are starting to see some of the design flaws I’ve been talking about irt certain characters, others have surprisingly stayed pretty solid. I’d like to have a conversation about it more seriously then.