Married guys still playing HDR

How the fuck do you guys do it?

Look at the wife, tell her a few things, tickle her and the rest is history.

Now if you are talking about playing HDR in general. The wifey has always known about me playing games. If she didnt want to deal with it she would have never married me. Besides I always tell her I could be doing a lot worse things (smoking, drinking, hanging out at bars, etc.) It’s all about balance man. I tend to play late at night anyways due to work and family. Would I love to play more sure. But there are other things in life to do of importance. All about prioritizing.

My wife is somewhat of a gamer - she plays Rock Band, Guitar Hero, RPGs, WoW, etc. She doesn’t really like fighting games, but she does sit down and play SF4 with me occasionally. For the most part, as long as I manage my time and spend time with her doing things she likes to do, I have free time to play HDR. Usually later at night; sure beats any other bad habits one could have.





It really is about balance, and maybe the dedication to sacrifice sleep. I mean, going to bed then waking up and coming back three hours later… if she doesn’t wake up it’s like it never happened right? j/k.

Another option is to work from home, I spend 4 hours doing stats analysis and then spend the other four hours my wife is at work taking care of my baby and cannon drilling people. It works with a little effort.

Actually my wife told me no more video games, but while she’s out of state, I’m home free. When she gets back, I might give it all up. I have a daughter now, and it’s not like I really have that competitive desire. I’m just a casual junkie at heart, so I could probably still get away with visiting friend’s places to get in my games.

I’m not married, but plenty of gamers I know are. That’s actually a huge key, what you said right there Kendrick: gatherings. Usually, if you can find enough people in your area who also like to play, just getting a chance to meet up and play is a good way to keep your gaming on. It’s basically just an alternate to guys getting together to play Poker. If you give the reason it’s to “hang out with buddies”, it’s harder for them to refuse.

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Maybe I’ll meet the woman of my dreams at college, and maybe she’ll play street fighter too. :wgrin:

The hard part is convincing my wife that my newborn son needs a pair of pants with the word “MAXIMUM” running down the side.

This is the greatest shit I’ve read all day.

It’d be better if it said “SLASH” on the right side, and then “SLASH” mirrored on the other.

Hopefully the seat of those pants is REALLY good for sliding across the ground. :smile:

If my son (or daughter, which would be even more awesome) beat me at HDR, it would bring a tear to my eye.

[media=youtube]65S_j_SwI9Q[/media] :sweat:

Completely losing your hobbies and interests in a marriage is no way to be. A healthy relationship should present the ability to do things with your own time and for your significant other to do so with theirs. Obviously, you’re going to have less time overall, especially once you have children, and especially if you’re struggling financially, there are going to be some higher priorities for a while, but if the relationship itself is harming your ability to enjoy your hobbies, then there is something there that isn’t quite right, and should probably be discussed.

Personally, while I’m not married, I have been with my girlfriend for six years now, and we’ve lived together for much of that time. We both play fighting games (her a bit more casually than I do), but we also have our own interests as well. There’s always going to be some things that one of you enjoys that the other doesn’t, and finding a healthy balance between things you do together, and enjoying your individual hobbies is pretty crucial.

I let her spend my monies.

That usually lets me get away with some game time ;-).

The babies (2) like to watch sometimes, too.

If you find these pants…let me know

Yes I would like those for my little guy

Get your wife a hobby that gets her out of the house :rofl:

But seriously, my wife is super-cool about the whole video games thing, and i think the fact that we both have hobbies that give us time away from each other helps a lot. Hers is yoga, mine is video games (mainly street fighter), so when she’s at yoga, which is usually a few hours 3-4 evenings a week, i play street fighter, or If she’s out with friends i’ll jump on the xbox and grab a quick game, and we balance off spending time apart like that with spending time together when we’re both free. She plays some games on the wii occasionally, she’s not a “serious gamer” like i am, but she respects the fact that it’s my hobby and she allows time for me to enjoy it.

It’s all about balance. I think too much time together OR apart will cause problems for most couples eventually, but if you’re with the right person for you, once you figure out what works for you both, get the balance right, and work to keep it that way you’re all set. Don’t be greedy with your game time, take time to keep your other half happy too and it should work out. Girls generally get very jealous when a plastic box with a hard drive in it kidnaps their man all day long, 7 days a week.:rofl:

Myself and herself don’t have any kids (yet) but from what i have heard from other guy friends, that generally complicates the whole situation a lot, and you’ll have less time for any hobby, not just gaming, but regardless of that, any healthy relationship should allow for either person to be able to dedicate at least some time to the thing they love doing for relaxation whether the other person has any interest in it or not.