Married With Children's Bud Bundy and Parker Lewis Web Show - Star-ving! VERY FUNNY!

A hilarious show with David Faustino of Married With Children and Corin Nemec of Parker Lewis Can’t Loose. They play themselves as 2 out of work former child actors looking for their next break! Lots of guest stars like the entire cast of Married… With Children, Seth Green, Coolio, Alan Thicke, Jeremy Miller, etc. Not 100% work safe as there is some nudity, mostly David Faustino showing his ass lol! :rofl: Anyway check it out. :tup:

Yeah, it’s pretty funny, but there’s actually quite a lot of nudity (like tits) in it.

Yeah some cursing too. Nothing that goes towards the realm of X-Rated, doesn’t go beyond what you’d see on an adult Cable show like Sopranos or Curb Your Enthusiasm. We’re all adults right heh! :wonder:

The Married With Children movie episode and the one with Alan Thicke are my favorites. SOOOO FUNNY! :rofl:

god I hate seth green.

and holy shit, this show is hilarious

watched up till episode 6, some parts made me smile but not enough for a full on laugh, oh well

Sano, good lookin out. This shit is hilarious as fuck. I don’t know if it would make good tv but the comedy is pure gold.

I’m currently watching the 2nd episode.

Haha, damn. That foo straight got choco-butt. Anything for comedy.

[Note: I find this hilarious so far.]