Marrow = Big Men Killer?



I’ve been fooling around with marrow lately and I’ve been noticing that she can be pretty affective against the big men like sent, doom, juggs, etc. When paired with storm PA, and commando AAA, she can set up alright traps with her air qcf+hp.

She has a quick dash, a double jump, pretty good air-throw priority, and a random qcb+pp will ground any flying sent, and punishes assists. her hp pushes opponents back and works well in corner combos (lp, lp, hp, qcf+pp… nothing fancy).

okay well, other than that, she still sucks balls.


well if u know the combo that marrow never comes down the screen thats a very nice trick buy it hard 2 do its seems people wont tell me how 2 do it so igues we have our own looking for tips and combos… but marrow is good on assist…:slight_smile:


marrow’s a good assist? i don’t know about that. whenever i use her, i can never decide what assist type to put her as. the projectile one sems to be handy if known how to use, since it just puts the opponent in stun for a second or two. but the properties on her bonerang is so weird (for me at least). and the dash one leaves her so open. you have to cover her really well in order for her to leave the screen. her life’s so low, a simple combo on her when she’s an assist would take off so much life. what assist do you use for her?


welll i use her AAA or BBB assists but it depends on what charater i use or what tactic’s ill be using in short i have to be playing safe both defence and offence play!


Alright you didnt have to post two times and at the same times about how good you are with marrow. just make a book already :smiley:


well average i just use her to pissed some people! that’s all just for fun what about you…?


i really never thought of using marrow as a sentinel, doom, or jugg destroyer. i only use marrow for casual play.


There may actually be something to this claim. The few Marrows I have faced provided an impressive showing.

There’s something about her speed & normals that makes her rushdown pure h3ll on super armor. The Bonerang stops most any “bigman” physical attack cold, too.

You’ll need a hefty dose of defense in your back pocket, but it’s conceivably very do-able. :slight_smile:



your right there bro!


just an extra note if you guys haven’t noticed… her j. fp has pretty good priority and it breaks super armor. i love this move… for coverage, i use son-son’s AAA or doom’s photon shot.

i have a ghetto rush down tactic with doom’s assist, if you guys want to know it. there are holes, but it can be covered if done well enough. who’s curious? i posted it before, that’s why i’m not posting it again.


i dont know which combo you are talking about but i know one that takes chunks of life if performed all the way through.

Incorner- Launch,SJ[wp,wk,mp,mk,throw], DJ[wp,wk,mp,mk,throw]
wait for the body to fall a little and wk,mk,super

what you do is launch the opponent in the corner and do the air combo ending with an air throw. Time a Double Jump WP when the throw ends and combo ending with another air throw. After the second air throw, Wait for the opponent to fall a little and hit him with WK,MK canceled into super while you are still in the air.


well where is the post repost it again so i can know it!:slight_smile:


i don’t know if this is known, but…
it’s supposed to build meter and/or chip, so your opponent’s meant to block all this crap.

dash lp, mp, fp & assist, bonerang, dash in and repeat. like i said, it’s ghetto.
the whole point, is the assist will cover after the fp, and the bonerang will cover the assist and the dash in.
if you’re using doom’s rocks, it’ll chip a hell of a lot (of course). you can do like 2 or 3 reps before your opponent wises up. they can counter with their AAA, but if you have a good AAA too (i use sonson, just to be funky), then toss that in there once or twice…with coverage.
as stated above, it’s to just build meter for a bit. your opponent will most likely try to counter, and marrow’s dagger super will more than be able to think other wise. it freaken homes in, for ghandi’s sake. how better of a super can there be? rhetorical question, mind you.

so, that’s it. i add more attacks in, but the whole point is to knock them into assist/bonerang distance to repeat it. like i said…it’s ghetto.


What happens when someone pushblocks the bonerang?


the bonerang has funky properties to it, so if they pushblock, you can still dash in if you feel gutsy enough. her rushdown is pretty good for a low tier character. as stated above, her jumping fp has good priority. you can also dagger super to have opponent block, assist (hopefully you can call by this time), and go on with the rush down. for some reason, you can call an assist after the cycle is through. the timing is tight, but you can call an assist. use more basic hits and slow down a tad bit if it doesn’t work.

so, what do you guys think? positive or negative feed back, i’ll still be using this. i play against scrubs, so it usually works for me.


anybody has a video of marrow post it up here!


i think justin wong used a team with marrow/guile/tronBoone at ecc8 …i think the file was called Justin Wong vs Team Maryland or soemthing like that…You can probably find it at the goforbrokehub


to bring up a very old topic… i haven’t been playing much MvC2 since i’ve recently been on an SC2 binge, so my Marrow play is improving fairly slow.

anyway, new team(s). i’ve had a fairly good amount of success with a Marrow (PA), Doom (AAA), Psylocke (AAA) team (meaning i don’t exactly win, but it does turn some heads…). i try to utilize a trap similar to Strider/Doom via various bonerangs. the amount of block stun that the bonerang provides isn’t quite long enough and has some large holes, but over-all, i’ve been able to even somewhat lock down (not only the big guys) Mags due to his height. Psylocke, as we can all agree is just an overall great assist. if i could play him, Sent would also be a great addition to the team instead of Psylocke.

if only Marrow would serve as a great battery as well… :bluu:


Forgive me if I’m rehashing old things, but that’s where my head is at now.

Marrow is an EXTREMELY good character because, as far as I know, she’s the only character that can punish an assist from anywhere on the screen, as long as she has some meter.

Her good moves are s.fierce and c.roundhouse.

And Marrow is a VERY good battery, too. What are you smoking? Play her like Wolverine except you end everything with Bonerang.


the main issue i have about ending everything with bonerang is its weird block and hit properties. the fact that you must be spaced just right to be effective really puts me off on the statement you made about her being such a great battery. silly rush downs makes good AHVB bait. not to mention that, like wolverine, simple push blocks will put you out of range. at least with wolverine, you advance forward with bezerker barrage.