Marrow teams?



Marrow/sent/tron seems to be a pretty evil team with some good lockdown and assist punishment, i’m also playing marrow/morrigan/tron and marrow/cyc/doom

I haven’t found any other squads that i really like, anyone have some teams that they feel are pretty strong overall?

Im hoping that dasrik will see this and possibly detail some of the attack sequences that zaza uses with marrow/sent so i can get a better idea how to get the blockstun from my rushes and rangs to overlap the pushblocks everyone uses on her.

thanks anyone


I’m curious as to why you would have sent/tron? Wouldn’t storm/Tron be better?
(Does sent have any good fast flies with Tron? :confused: and sent/Tron would have a harder time IMO than storm/Tron vs say sent/commando)
Plus you use MST . Storm has LA xx LS DHC to Lunch rush. Tron can throw people onto storm proj (and either launch, or lunch rush if they are near the corner), Tron can also do LP + storm proj, Lk drill… safe if you don’t mash it, if Lp connects you can drill - Lunch rush.


Sent/tron has alot of trouble vs runaway but thats ok because i’ll still either

a) counter hit em solo with sentinel
b) rtsd with tron helper

i’d rather have drones for my on point game with both marrow and tron, without sentinel, i’m missing my defense blanket and my overall space control+damage output.

marrow/storm would definetly work out, just not in the same direction that i’m shooting for. great dhc.


i came up with Marrow/BH/Tron or Doom to be alittle more mid tier.

but i think the best team for marrow would be Marrow/Sent/Doom


gouki- fight to learn not to win, winning is simply the end result of that kind of practice. thats a really old saying of mine, perhaps somone forgot where it came from.

marrow/sent/doom is pretty good man, i just like marrows dash speed and trons stun way too much for me not to whore it.

when somone calls a helper vs marrow, dash in c.fp+tron bonesuper is 80% easy. dash call tron right away then do d.fpXXsuper right as she starts to hit.


…true that…the fight is all.

Marrow tron is really good, the damage is worth it when you get that hit, but i think that doom can help Marrow extend the lockdowns with bonerrang, thus getting in cheap damage along with set up a mind game, but then agian besides air combo double jump mix up she really lacks in the mix up department, so maybe tron is worth it, i guess you could pull a mike z and run marrow/tron/doom, and get busy with the lockdowns/mix ups, just sucks when you run into xxx/cyc AAA, or xxx/ storm pro.


honestly cyclops doesn’t bother me with marrow, just gotta be smart with her basic attacking and baiting and build up her bars so i can counter call with tronXXsuper for a quick 50% on anyones helper.

marrow is pretty damn annoying, i wonder what her frames for blockstun are.

i need a damn progammable pad


everybody is good with x/sent-g/tron-g


Thanks for that:rofl:

got anything marrow related?:wink:


I used to do Marrow/Storm/Doom and Marrow/Storm/Cyke way back when. It’s been a while.


my homie uses marrow/collosus, mad life, crazy duo