Mars Rover Landing Monday morning video feed =]


Sunday night (tonight) - Monday morning
Just thought I remind everyone who’s a bit of space junkie or just has an interest in witnessing something pretty cool that will be shown from 11:30 PM-4 AM EST. The “Curiosity” landing itself should occur around 1-1:30 AM EST

Also if you’re an XBOX Live user, you can watch it for free on your console:

The main stream will be NASA’s very own:

Anyways like I said its just a reminder, im not a space wiz or anything but I do appreciate these progressive steps that we take as a species towards understanding the universe.


Probably better to post this in the science thread, if I have time I will check the feed out.

Also Vega does ninjitsu not kung fu.


Was about to post this in science thread. It’ll be interesting to see how this works out, what with the new method of approach and landing. It’s about time we stopped just dumping our stuff on the surface in a giant balloon.


An hour ago on the Tweety:


This is what causes 2012 niggas, watch out!!!


The 2012 disaster already happened: the making and release of the movie 2012.

As awful as that was, it’s over now and we can begin to rebuild.


Total Recall is going to be for realz guys.


I’m giddy.

No go find that life, robot.

Remember the answer involves DNA.


This is going to be the best tour of Mars since Jon Osterman took Laurie Juspeczyk around in his flying glass palace.


Shotgun, I call dibs on the Turbinium mines.


Gotta love the jingoistic overtones of the NASA press conference. It’s not enough to send meticulously engineered shrapnel across space anymore - we have to send our petty vices with it.


oh shit have i missed it?




Dem Red Rocks SON!

If they do find something then maybe they can revitalize their space program.


odyssey and curiousity working at the same time on the surface of another planet.

roving capabilities on mars for 8 straight years now, and this one is expected to last at least 2 years.

“but this ship carries no consumables. the only parts of wear and tear are the motors, joints, etc that are exposed to the cold and suffer more from temperature changes. we test those to three times life expectancy; we don’t test to failure. we’ve planned out a mission for 2 years, but there’s no reason this rover couldn’t last twice that amount of time.”





eventually we’ll colonize mars and rescue the rovers. centuries later when earth has nuked itself to death, the descendants of the colonists will worship the rovers as dead gods, someday to be woken again by a prophet with technical know how.


Now find an Annunaki Outpost on Mars.


Heh, I’ve been on some sort of Mars bender lately (re-installed and played Doom 3, watched original Total Recall, and then Watchmen last night). What in the fuck was that giant glass palace he built? That’s like the only part of the movie I don’t understand.


Harrumph! More images of a bunch of red rocks. Booooooring! Let me know when the giant sand worms appear. :coffee:


I haven’t seen the movie, but by the narration in the book, it’s something he created on a whim.

Despite his distance from his human self, it’s a meticulous clockwork-like construction (really, that description goes for the palace, the chapter, and the whole book) that reveals that he still has his old sensibilities as a watchmaker. I think it appears at first as an indicator that he’s simply interested in the mechanistic workings of the universe, but it becomes an indicator that he still appreciates something of his own lost individuality and that he might yet appreciate that quality in others. And he eventually does.