MARS: sort this out for me SRK!


someone sent me this link, I would really apreciate it if someone/people cold give a realistic explanation for this

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Multimedia: All Raw Images: Spirit: Rear Hazcam: Sol 2169


p.s look at the top centre :rofl: of picture



real talk, just looks like rocks to me


Top centre? What am I looking for? All I can see is a grill on the underside of it’s roof. Or do you mean on the hill??

Looks like it snowed lol, any colour pics?


We are not alone…


the thing in the top centre looks like nothing naturally made, it consists of calculated lines/dimensions.

on the hill, someone claimed to have zoomed in on the things on the top left and right that looks like rocks and seen something.

colour pictures? I think it is a colour pic. and im still surprised nasa has left that up :confused:

most people have accepted that but there’s more about our solar system we are yet to find out.

you should all check out Wonders of the solar system, it will give you a deeper understanding of how our solar system works


A Colosseum… so what?


Swing and a miss by the OP


:rofl: I hit the ball but didn’t run with it. I thought it best to stay neutral humour wise so the thread stays sane :wonder:

it reminds me of the steven king film Ghosts of Mars if anyones seen it, if it realy is a base let’s hope they don’t open it fully to search inside physically.

so have people seen this before? and what are all your thoughts on it?


It’s looks like shoop, but I don’t want to say that because I don’t know shit about how a camera works in space, the ground seems so smooth at a certain point before you get to the “Space Lamborghinis” and “Space Garage”. Kinda makes me think why they wouldn’t land on that smooth part of the land. But again, the camera just might’ve lost focus or something at the certain point.

Could it be debris left over from previous missions?


What am I looking at?


:cool:Nothing to see here move along


There’s supposed to be some mission to Mars to settle it in the near future. You can’t come back though, it’s pretty much a one way trip.


yeah i heard about the mission, the whole one way trip thing makes things pretty interesting imo.


top centre looks like its a building lol


this is BS.
like every other planetary pics brought to u by NASA.

these images, like the supposed “lunar landing of 69”, was all concocted on some hidden studio lot in Burbank, California.

don’t ya know by now, hollywood rulez da world!

don’t be sooooooo naive people.
live n learn.