Mars Wired Controller for PS4 by Brook


Interchangeable D-pad, motion control (PS3/PS4/switch!), headset (PS4), touchpad, rumble

PS3/PS4/Switch/PC (XID)

Brook Mars Wired PS3/PS4/Switch Gamepad

What’s puzzling me is that the video says “Combo key to simulate touchpad function (for PS4)”.
Wondering what that really means. Is it not an actual touchpad?..


It has a fake touchpad just like all the other unlicensed PS4 controllers.


I find it intriguing that this thing does ps3/4 AND switch. Does the ps4 (with or without audio) board have switch support? Also will this need updates?


As long as the fake touchpad can be used to reset training mode I’m OK with it.



I might have to get my hands on one of theses.


Best gaming controller:

Though I really wish Brook just makes a USB compatible PCB to replace the innards.

Any the controller looks pretty intriguing as it’s PS4 and Switch, but that touchpad must be proprietary tech if it can’t be replicated.



It’s up for pre-order


I am surprised by the price, I was thinking it would be more. I am wondering how the buttons and pad feel now.


Hmm for that price it might be a good padhack option. Audio and switch support for 45$, no xinput however. Need to see the pcb though.


Shame it doesn’t support all the platforms that the Brook UFB does, I guess…


PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, far as I know thats everybody
MS has no games for the Xbox One


I still play KI on xbox one…


Awwww… Xbox360 consoles haven’t automatically broken down when the XboxOne or the PS4 were released. Also, there’s the limited WiiU support (Pokkén, Smash), just to be nitpicky.


If the Brook Mars controller does what I think it does for the Switch, they are just a generic version of the Pokken controller with added analog support.
Should run fine for Pokken. Anyways the Wii U is a dead system.

Xbox? Man if I get all of the games I have on my Xbox 360 onto other systems, I would gladly sell my Xbox 360 and all the disc that comes with it.
My biggest hang up is Radiant Silvergun, If I ever get a optical drive replacement for the Saturn or if they ever release that game to Steam, My Xbox 360 is going up for sale


Ok, even you have an Xbox360 then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since they announced Switch support, I’d expect proper support, like the one in the Brook UFB…


Yeah, only for a few games that aren’t on the PS3. None of them are Halo.


I’m going to repost this here, so that when the pad comes out people can hopefully answer these questions, and such.

Even though I try to keep my ear to the ground for pads, sometimes something amazing slips by without me noticing.

Brook, who makes those awesome arcade boards (The ones with virtually no lag, if I’m remembering right) have decided to make a controller, and it looks great!

I’ve recently figured out that while Hori makes really cool sticks - they make a name for themselves with sticks using other brands for the levels, and/or buttons.

That is why this:
Is so much better than this:

The top one is using HAYABUSA. Now for some reason I can’t seem to figure out if Hori and HAYABUSA are two different companies, or if HAYABUSA is just the name for “Hori products that aren’t ‘meh’ at best.”

Ether way, it seems like if Hori doesn’t use HAYABUSA tech, they end up with a 2.5/5 product.
And this is the case with their controllers - such as:

Now, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think Brook products have that high/low end problem, so having Brook make a controller is very interesting.

Needless to say, I’m wanting information on it.

-Are the L and R Triggers buttons, or axis’s?
-What motions do the 3 dpads specialize in - Which is easier to do with what dpads? (Between Hadoken, and Shoryuken)
-How much lag does this controller have over a Sony PS4 (CUH-ZCT2U) on a PS4 (Preferably non Pro)
-How much lag does this controller have over a Switch Pro Controller on a Nintendo Switch?
-How does the controller itself hold up on wear and tear?
-How does the dpad (Or how do the dpads) hold up on wear and tear?

-Are there any flaws and or faults?

Finally, does anyone know when I’ll be able to buy one on Amazon again?