Marshall Law: Quick reference guide [Don't think... FEEEEEL!]

Hey whats up. I did a couple of these for Cody in SF4AE that you can find in the cody forums and i figured i would do on for law is at helps me remember shit

Here is a link to the google doc

Edit: i made a google doc to make it easier


I like the Idea :slight_smile: looks good so far. I posted a little list of all the most damaging tag-in combos for Law in the combo thread "Way of the Cooking Dragon" - Marshall Law Combo Thread
There may be a few typos there tho, but you will understand it I hope. :stuck_out_tongue:
And you might wanna check this thread too: Street Fighter x Tekken v2013 Combo Tier Lists!

Edit: I see it very often that Law players tend to use cr.HP in combos when s.HP can be used instead, after MP FFR for example, it is a loss in damage and should not be used! :stuck_out_tongue: s.HP does more damage :slight_smile:

Thanks mand i used studied your posts in the combo thread really helped me start out. Yea i just realized 2 days ago there is very few times you HAVE to use cr fp. Seems like not too much but every bit counts

New update 3/9/2013
Comprehensive list in my opinion if you read the foreword for law information for beginners to intermediates

Stuff to fix:
I need to make it pretty with formatting and rewording the english from my quick chicken-scratch to proper sentences
I need combo damage so i will be testing all my combos as well as fixing any combo typos [ill get this soon] its the easiest part]
I need to add the frame traps data for each frame trap

This is great! Always nice to see people come up with (new) set ups and combo’s. Gonna spend some time in the lab with some of these notes (need to improve on all kinds of stuff anyway so…). :slight_smile:

May I recommend these people in terms of gameplay footage featuring Law (YT): Esuta, Yung Ice31, kofxisto, TZA, SUPARSTARX/SUPARNOVAX, Offen, Saionide, Paranoia Hades, DRU192.

There’s room for resets such as the classic crumple (now requires EX) into cr. hp xx dragon stance > cloud gates.

The second reset I found is to end your combo with flash kick > backflipper while keeping them as high as possible and charge an EX shaolin kick, then let it rip just as they stand up and switch cancel into your second character and do a mixup in the gap right before the last hit of shaolin kick. Even the shittiest overhead will combo off this because Law wallbounces the opponent right after you overhead/low.

Doubt you will find any of my gameplay vids on youtube impressive/helpfull :frowning: they are almost all from laggy outdated matches on PC of me getting bodied. But thanks for recommending me, I appreciate it.

jesus fucking christ guys? i though the kaz forum was dead but this forum is a crypt!!! If you not posting in this thread at least post videos lol. lets keep the forums going