Martial arts and stereotypes in Street Fighter

-Gaoh’s whole design is based on Oda Nobunaga
-Haohmaru had Tenha prefix for all his supers starting from SS2. It means “Heaven Conquest”
-Haohmaru said “Tenha Kassatsu!” first during his Heaven Conquest Divine Destruction Slash (???, tenha shinmetsu zan) in SSAZ (1998). Kassatsu literally means “life or death” referring to life or death struggle / situation.
-In next game (the PSX one) Jin-Emon Hanafusa fights with ??? (Kassatsu J?ji Yari - Kassatsu Cross Spear) using ??? (Kassatsu Koshiki S?jutsu - basically "Life-or-Death Ancient Spearsmanship) with that being added to each his movename (as the name of style). Also, the type of spear he uses is the exact same as Gaoh.

Considering this, I doubt Gaoh stands out too much. Which are his other Raoh-inspired lines?

And, wasnt there several VA’s for Raoh? If so, then using one of them wont stand out too much either, I mean amongst SS character VAs there sure are those who voiced other characters too, and this wont instantly make said SS character “homages” to all other characters those VA’s voiced.

tekken is the best game for finding the influence, each character is like a mixture of two famous martial arts movie stars

(think iv mentioned that like a hundred times on this forum) :rofl:

Meant the thing to be taken as a whole i.e. has the same VA as Raoh saying the same Raoh shit. Even little Raoh battle noises. After your post I dunno anymore though. Maybe Kenji Utsumi is just a limited dude. He is the archetypical Raoh though.

You do know that most historians believe that Capoeira comes from African fighting styles, right? It was made into dance by African slaves in Brazil. So her being from Africa using a fighting style that comes from Africa makes perfect sense.

This is the episode, he doesn’t have a claw-
[media=youtube]RQz8MR8izWE[/media] - Epic Tough Boy Intro :rock:

There was a cage fighter that ken fought in the 1st series who wore claws. I remember Ken caused his spine to snap in two, classic.

But actual capoeira was developed in South america. So saying that it’s African isn’t really all that accurate.

Though that doesn’t really mean she couldn’t learn capoeira, so whatever.

I’d like to see more Jujutsu used in fighting games. There’s like, Aoi in virtua fighter but not much else. Asuka kinda has it in her counters but she’s not really jujutsu based.

edit: also, best sumo character ever gotta be hinako.

It is accurate because it’s multiple African fighting styles combined to be a dance. That’s like saying modern day Karate isn’t Okinawan because modern Karate was developed in Japan. Or that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu isn’t Japanese in origin. Without those African fighting styles, you wouldn’t have Capoeira.

Goro Daimon in KOF uses Judo which is drived from traditional Jiu-Jitsu.

Didnt read replies after this so it mightve been answered, but I think hes talking about the guy in episode 3-4 who kills all the dudes in the cage.

And the Haohmaru, is that that guy who wanted Ken to be his 1000th kill or something?

This is a great read and a topic very close to my heart.

I always thought of Ryu as the “Fighter in the Wind” The wandering Karateka looking for purity in his art. I always thought he was supposed to be one of two people:Ōyama_Masutatsu


Kaicho Nakamura was chosen to represent Japan in a battle to decide the strongest style. He fought and won against the National Thai Champion in 1963.

This always seemed like the inspiration for the rival story between Ryu and Sagat.

Also, Ryus’ friend and rival from the west Ken. . . I always thought he was this guy:


Tokusatsu is an art? since when?!

Still, I daresay that Elena’s (enhanced) Capoeira Contempornea (?) is very dissimilar to its African roots (as I understand it, even Capoeira Angola has evolved significantly). While she could of course have picked it up later in life (or her tribe, besides herself and her Ph. D.-sporting father, might be more modernized than it seems), methinks it makes little more historical sense than a K-1 shootfighter who hails from rural Hokkaido and wears traditional Ainu garb (“because many shootfighting techniques are ulitmately derived from Japanese jujutsu”).

For better or worse, Capcom seems to associate Capoeira as a whole with the “noble savage”/“ingenue” archetype (Blanka and Elena: earthy, kind, somewhat naive, and scantily clad), whereas the Kung-Fu practitioners vary wildly in character concept (Lee, Gen, Chun, Yun/Yang, Rufus). Not that Eddy, Christie, Pupa or even Bob Wilson don’t have their own stereotypes attached to them, but still…

Saying tokusatsu is an martial art is like saying there is hongkong kick-flick movies martial art or chambara school of swordsmanship

I only notice a Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in Tekken. Who are the others?

Yeah, street fighter has always had a nice appreciation for the martial arts without ever veering into that childish type of enthusiasm for SACRED MARTIAL ARTS LEGENDS AND WARRIORS. It’s fun to find the influences and gestures littered throughout the series. I’m glad it’s never too overt though, or else something of the character will just be totally consumed by the thing it’s supposed to represent. Like Fei Long despite having obvious connections with Bruce Lee, is still a strong enough character to stand on his own without that association overwhelming him.

I don’t think they changed much other than adding in the dance parts. It’s still African fighting styles combined into one. Now, Capcom may have just say Capoeira because it’s a recognizable name instead of the name of one of the African martial arts.

That may be or maybe they wanted to add more diversity to the game and decided to add an African character.

the boxer is always black. Even if he’s not American

You know, they do have black people in europe. It’s not like the Kenyans immigrated on their own 400 years ago.

Steve Fox from Tekken and Vanessa from King of Fighters are black?

now this…is an obvious troll.
c’mon dude…are you telling me she would make for a more believable Kenyan, rather than a brazillian?

She’s wearing a bikini for gods sake!
she’s tan, has white straight hair, and blue eyed…if i remember correctly, since i no longer own the game to check out her appearance to double check.

why am i even answering this?

wesley snipe’s Blade=Raven
j-lo=Christie(maybe/maybe not)