Martial Masters anyone?


Wow I just heard about this game. Anybody else here know about it? Well actually, I downloaded a character for Mugen and I thought she played pretty well so I researched the game where she came from and then went to youtube to watch some videos. Pity I can only find 2 or 3 videos. Anyways, the game came out during 2001. It’s got pretty nice graphics and animations…fighting system is quite unique too. The character names and stuff are hella cheesy though such as Master Huang, Drunken Master, Scorpion, etc.


What console did it come out on? I know which game your taking about it looks good actually.


Arcade/mame only…too bad the cpu in mame has no real ai and manages to block EVERYTHING you do except for throws. I’d like to have Monkey Boy, Scorpion, Crane, Master Huang, and Red Snake for mugen, but so far the only character available is sorry-ass Reika.


Yeah, I was just wondering if this game was played competitively. It looks rather unique. Anybody know where I can find some match vids? Yeah LOL I too have Reika…she’s pretty fun to play as. I want to try out that Master Huang guy…reminds me of a more kickass Lee Rekka.


Mmm I’ll check it out and see what its like. To be honest there is a cab which has it here in London but no one plays it :frowning:


looks interesting , i like the tutorial intro lmao . huang(main character) squezes crane’s breast …


I love Martial Masters, too bad nobody gave a damn about this game when it came out.

The animations rivaled 3s, and the color was way better.

I really loved that Metal Slug clone they did:tup:


Any body know the tier list? Man I would sure like to see some of the other characters in action. With names like Drunken Master, Crane, Scorpion, etc. LOL it’s sure to be exciting to see what styles they use. Where can I find more videos of this game? It doesn’t even have to be elite gameplay…I just wanna see the game in action that’s all.


Yo what version of mame do you use to get Martial Masters working?


I remember seeing Martial Masters in the arcade…great animation for the time, although I never really got around to playing it.

I remember that there was some secret character who was a girl that had her picture taken with you as one of her supers, although I have no idea how to select her.


Yeah the mames that I’ve downloaded won’t support Martial Masters. Can somebody help?


You need like mame32 version 90 or higher, and you need (I think) the stv Titan bios. i can’t hook you up. Just google these things. You’ll find them in under 20 minutes.


Does it support that Metal Slug clone by the makers of Martial Masters?



There’s already two or three threads on here about this game. Try searching sometime.

Last time I checked the game is emulated, but isn’t working properly. There’s many bugs such as combos, chains, and links not working properly, and the AI being virtually non-functional.


They have this game at one of the local arcades but I havn’t been there in over a year. Last time I played though, I went to get more quarters and this black guy started playing and so I put my quarter to start playing with him. I beat him and he pulled a knife on me and started telling me how he’s going to kill me because I cheated. o_O

I told him it was my first time playing and he yelled “BULLSHIT” and swung the knife, and I was like “THE MOVES ARE ABOVE THE CONTROLS!” and ran off.

Scariest moment I’ve had in an arcade. o_o


It’s emulated by MAME now they got most of the glitches sorted out happened in MAME 107usomething, I would say it is 93% accurate it has few issues

it has 3vs3 man I love 3v3 in a game

so now ppl can play it decently in single player


we should start up a petition to get this a console release. Not that they’ll listen, but it’s worth a try…

Maybe for Dreamcast and 360?


My fav was the Jet Li looking type dude


i’ve got the PGM cart. this game is too fun. did they emulate demon front(the slug ripoff)?