Martial Masters anyone?


Ok just a random though here. Crane has a few weaknesses compare to Snake which so far has none. So why is Crane still S+Tier when Snake is S Tier?

Also could something be done about Tigers jumping animations? Avoiding fireballs is kinda difficult. If it can’t be done then oh well, I will just have to deal with it.


Snake just doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses I can think of. You could say that Crane’s BS is just a lot stronger overall, only needing 1 bar for 100% and being able to setup unblockables anywhere.

What’s wrong with Tiger’s jump? Too slow?


Yeah…Reika puts the pickle him kinda easy…Me and Redmyst were playing and if he got away from me, I was fucked beyond belief.:rofl: Jumping straight up was hard enough let alone going forward.

I’ll test it more with him and other characters. But I do feel some people jump a bit to low.

But it is bad ass what you’re doing for this game though. Thanks.


Oh ok. That cleared it up for me.


Sorry for the late reply. But yeah, I know what you mean about Reika. And Tiger’s hitbox is kind of funky on the way down too which doesn’t help. Few things that should help though… don’t forget about super jump as it makes you jump higher (in Tiger’s case anyway) and is pretty fast still. Also, try jumping the fireball late. Because of the way Tiger’s hitbox changes on the way down, it’ll make it a lot easier to get over them. Of course, this gives Reika extra time to get you, so be careful.

Also, if she’s trying to lock you down at a close range with them, you can go entirely through even the slow projectiles with his 214B+C shadow. Which should give you a free out of her dumb shit. Also don’t forget the MASSIVE vacuum on his 236236K super. If she tries to throw them at short range, you can beat her clean with it.

Another really important thing: 63214K->236C, once active, has upper body invincibility and thus can go cleanly through Reika’s projectiles. So what you can do is just wiff the 63214K at mid screen and do the followup. This is a really solid strategy with Tiger in general because at full distance, this move is totally unpunishable (it’s -5F and leaves you at a distance) and if it hits you get BIG damage.

And of course if she’s playing a real pure runaway game, take the time to Taunt to build up some meter, if you don’t have any.

But yeah, sometimes the best option is just to block and walk forward. Use the Tackle or 63214K to cover the last gap in distance.

Anyway, one more tiny patch:
Some minor fixes for Lotus and Ghost Kick. Should help Ghost out a lot against Reika.

I also updated my Tier listing for the vanilla game a little bit after some recent discoveries:
S+ Crane
S Reika, Snake, Monkey Boy, Huang, SaoJin
A+ Monk, Tiger
A Lotus, Scorpion
B Ghost Kick, Drunken

Notable changes:
Monkey Boy steps it up after discovering how stupid good throw setups are off 214B+C. Good potential to move even higher still.
Tiger steps up thanks to 63214K->236P being sooo good among other things.
Lotus steps up thanks to massive frame advantage coupled with a lightning fast unblockable.
Ghost/Drunk drop down just to keep things organized.


Wow, you guys actually discuss this game here? That’s pretty badass. You guys even have a tier list too. Though, I’m not sure I’d agree with the tier list for this game. I think that Ghost Kick has an infinite loop he can do anywhere as long as he knocks you down, unless everyone in the game has that. I like the Drunken guy though and agree that he’s not as good as some of the others.


If you’re talking about that infinite on Youtube, it doesn’t work at all. You can tech roll between the hits of it. Also it only works on a few characters anyway.


I see… Quite interesting… I still like this game alot. How balanced is the game would you guys say that as far as overall?


Its been awhile since I’ve seen this thread, I cannot believe that you released a custom patch, thats amazing. Have you had much time to play test it, and how do you think it effects the current tiers? I love this game but I’m way out of practice, time to get back on it.


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I think it helps, but there’s still all kinds of crazy crap going on in this game so it’s really hard to say. There’s definitely some more obvious stuff that needs fixing, like the OTG infinite stuff on Drunken Master, run startup needs a few more frames of uncancelable time, jump recovery needs to not be cancelable into jumps (LOL). Probably all doable, but this game really needs some GOOD netplay and people really playing it, more than anything else.

Also: [media=youtube]SXvCZC8VwhM&feature=sub[/media]
Fun vid, shows off some wacky crap. Mostly Drunken Master OTG infinites and Crazy Mode (ie infinite bar) combos but there’s a few choice interesting bits in there.


Heard Martial Masters is comming to the iPad


I played it a bit , and it’s pretty ok . I might give this game a try…

Testing it with Mame ++117 , and it can’t combo at all compared to latest mame :sad:… I’ll try Mame ++132 and see if it has same problems , if not , then I’ll try to see if I can get people to play online using this emu :smile: .

Gwyrgyn Blood : I don’t know how , but that is amazing how you gotten the infinities patched :smile: . I’m hoping that majority of the players will play this game using your patch :tup:

Tested it with Mame++132 and it has better playability , so it’s possible to play this game well online . However I think this version of mame is hard to find .


Really interested in how you made the patch? WHat did you edit in the code and how did you access the code you needed to change? Is this something that could plausibly be done for other emulated games that have balance issues- like say, 3S or any of the Marvel games pre-MVC2?

Pretty pissed they took Martial Masters out of my local arcade :frowning:


I used a Mame Debug build, you can look through memory and the game code (in assembler) with it. It takes a while to find what you need but yeah you could do it with most any games you want. How much you can change depends on how things are coded though, and it gets really tricky trying to mess with memory pointers and stuff like that. But in the case of MM, it’s really easy to adjust stuff like how much damage things do or how much meter they build. Engine bugs would probably be a nightmare to fix for any game.

For AceKombat- You should really run the game in FBA if you can. It’s much smoother and there’s less input lag from what I can tell.


Matches on nicovideo from a japanese tournament

There’s more.


why does the game default to 3-on-3 in versus mode? I’ve looked in the service mode for a way to change versus play to the 1P’s mode single character 2/3 rounds, but there doesn’t seem to be a way? There really aren’t enough characters to warrant it being 3-man teams…


You could choose the same characters 3 times if that’s what you’re looking for.


i wish i could get the new fba to compile i suck at that sorta thing, but its decent on nebula. Would rather play on fba tho. I luv crane and huang.


Which version of FBA allowed Martial Masters to be played (“flawlessly”/or with least amount of issues)? Because I updated my FBA (like a moron, and didn’t create a back up) to FinalBurn Alpha v0.2.96.98 and Martial Masters isn’t working. Infact this version of FBA isn’t even registering the game in the rom scan. :sad:

any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found the working emulator:

Posting this here incase anyone else wanted to try the game out, but struggled with finding a version of FBA to play it on.

If anyone knows a more updated version of FBA that DOES SUPPORT MARTIAL MASTERS, please let us know.

As far as the rom, well those that don’t have it as of now are kinda SOL…and you’ll have to find it on your own.

Hint: rom nation, under god, with liberty and justic for all.