Martial Masters anyone?


Which version of FBA allowed Martial Masters to be played (“flawlessly”/or with least amount of issues)? Because I updated my FBA (like a moron, and didn’t create a back up) to FinalBurn Alpha v0.2.96.98 and Martial Masters isn’t working. Infact this version of FBA isn’t even registering the game in the rom scan. :sad:

any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found the working emulator:

Posting this here incase anyone else wanted to try the game out, but struggled with finding a version of FBA to play it on.

If anyone knows a more updated version of FBA that DOES SUPPORT MARTIAL MASTERS, please let us know.

As far as the rom, well those that don’t have it as of now are kinda SOL…and you’ll have to find it on your own.

Hint: rom nation, under god, with liberty and justic for all.



There’s one silly infinites with Reika as well:

J.B crossup, \ /, (B)xn.

This can be done against a standing SaoJin, a crouching Monkey Boy and a crouching Drunken Master. Every time you hit them with the low kick, the character will be pushed towards you, thus, causing this easy infinite. A crouched Red Snake seems to share similar behavior, but i can only link three kicks with her.
May be there are other ways to exploit these characters?


Is there a way to play this game on GGPO in the unsupported games lobby or is the version of final burn alpha that comes with GGPO is too outdated for the game? I don’t even see the game’s name on the list.



Ressurecting the Thread.

The DragonInstall site is dead, so is there any other place i could get the cheat file and the patch?


I don’t know about the patch but just copy and paste this in a martmast.ini file and you will have the cheats:

[details=Spoiler]cheat "Infinite Time"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80AC19, 0x63

cheat "Infinite Energy PL1"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x81C67F, 0xD1, 0, 0x81C67E, 0x01

cheat "Drain All Energy Now! PL1"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x81C67E, 0x00, 0, 0x81C67F, 0x00

cheat "Infinite Power PL1"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80DA99, 0x09, 0, 0x80DAA1, 0x68

cheat "Always No Power PL1"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80DA99, 0x00, 0, 0x80DAA1, 0x00

cheat "Always Full Guard PL1"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80D725, 0x00

cheat "Always No Guard PL1"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80D725, 0xFF

cheat "Infinite Energy PL2"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x81C7BB, 0xD1, 0, 0x81C7BA, 0x01

cheat "Drain All Energy Now! PL2"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x81C7BA, 0x00, 0, 0x81C7BB, 0x00

cheat "Infinite Power PL2"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80DC55, 0x09, 0, 0x80DC5D, 0x68

cheat "Always No Power PL2"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80DC55, 0x00, 0, 0x80DC5D, 0x00

cheat "Always Full Guard PL2"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80D8E1, 0x00

cheat "Always No Guard PL2"
default 0
0 "Disabled"
1 “Enabled”, 0, 0x80D8E1, 0xFF[/details]


Thanks mate


Would someone kindly put som active link this last patch of balancing the game as not meeting somewhere and tell me where I lap this file of cheating because I already pasted the folder, which is in confg called martmas. ini, but nothing happens, and finally, I tried to modify the bios clock to unlock the Saojin, but when I do ok, and out of the system screen, I see that the date remains the same. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help me.


I found this site here, containing the file: MartialMasters_ Patch_vC_Final. rar, but this offline. someone who has this file could help me and gives it to me please? or tell me how I can talk to Gwyrgyn Blood because it was he who created the update., and can give me the file


My google fu and turned up nothing so it’s seems lost to the tides of time. I was looking for it awhile ago too. When few of my friends found out you could do custom games on SuperArc/Arclive.


then the business and try to talk with some of the other ai above that at the time of this discussion had the update, and asked them to give us or talk with Gwyrgyn Blood. I already so happy because you came to me and now you can help me because I do not usually post much on forums, so look the same, try to help me and talk to any of them or mostly with Gwyrgyn blood because he still here and active the shoryuken and dustloop. porfavor master. I need this update.obrigado for help.


I think i have that patch, but in my other cpu. I’ll give news to you soon.


you are saying that you have this update here: MartialMasters_Patch_vC_Final.rar? when I saw you and you were one of the discussion that estavao years ago and suddenly I saw you posted again, cringed rsss. and its final version of this update master Plexo_Tlipoca? I would be honored and happy when you put it to me.


Where you Plexo_Tlipoca ??? lol


This update would have someone more to move me please?


Sorry, every time i forgot this. Here’s the link

Plz, tell me if it worked for you.


could someone give me the update of martial masters?


Are you telling me that there’s a newer patch?

¿Me está diciendo entonces que hay un parche más actualizado que el que le pasé?


worked very well for me master. I just saw that you had put the update now because I was on page 3 of the forum as you had put the update on page 4 rssrrssr. thank you and to my knowledge there is no longer any updates and sorry for bad english


I have been experimenting lately, would love to give it another shot and play. That patch sounds pretty important though.


His Wiki was made