Martial Masters anyone?

It can be played now perfectly with nebula. Anyone know any move list regarding this game?

I played this game at the first moment i read that i was emulated on Nebula some months ago.

This game is really good, i feel that the game is balanced and the animation is smooth, as i understand, this is the fourth fighting game of IGS (the last is Spectral vs Generation, a game that everybody sure knows) and it feels too SNKism but thats not too strange because PolyGame Master is the Neo-Geo of Taiwan.

Its really bad that this game never got a decent release outside the US (and even Japan, as i know) because it deserves a look.

almost every char has infinets though… it’s like 1v1 x vs sf

any tier list for this game?

Really? i saw some videos in Youtube with beastly combos but nothing that got more than 60% damage.

Tiger infinite
(corner) close C - 4+B - 623+A-236+A-6+A -
623+A - 236+A - 6+A - [623+A(whiff) - 236+A - 6+A] x n

Ghost Kick infinite
(When opponent get downed, corner)[421+C] x n
Only works on Reika, Tiger and Drunk Master

Crane infinite
J2C - C - 6A - 236A - 236A - 236+B+C -
C - 623+C - C - [623D - J214A] x n

(corner)4+A+B - (After Jump)2C - C - 6+A(1hit) - 214+B+C -
[JC - A - C - 6+A(1hit) - 214+B+C] x n
opponents must be monk

(because every loops gain 1 guage , so can become infinite

^all from Chourei on youtube. there may be more infs but that’s all i’m aware of.

Ouch… thanks for that =/

I hope you guys are aware that MAME32 is just a Front-End.

Is this the emu version because I own the U.S. PGM cart and I’ve never been able to pull any of that off.

the TILT in savannah, georgia had this in a sit down cab… yet they somehow couldnt fork the dough over for a decent cvs2, 3s, or proper sized mvc2 machine.

Finally got this damn thing to work.

  1. Get newest Nebula 225b
  2. Get PGM bios or PolyGame Master
  3. unzip nebula
    then learn the moves! I don’t know what the hell I’m doing in this game. When I have time I’ll figure out all the moves.

They have this game at Pearl Ridge Mall. It’d probably be better playing there since last i heard, it wasn’t emulated properly. That was like 6-7 yrs ago though, don’t know if they still have it.

They still got this at my local arcade. I really don’t think those infinites work in the arcade version, they are emu only. Discuss.

you can roll the ghost kick one

Man, someone needs to insert PGM support to FBA and play this shit on 2DF/GGPO… sad that the PGM emulation is still somewhat ackward, i read on others site that the game got in-game errors and it doesnt play exactly like the real thing, but i dont know if this is true.

since WHP got picked up, this is the only western-friendly fighting game I can think of that still needs to get blown up. Ring of Destruction as well, but that’s not likely to happen.

That’s the only place I ever saw this game!

Anyone know what the purpose of the internet password is.

Finally got this to work… On Nebula, but the sound and visuals are crappy… It would be nice if I could get it to work on Mame (does it play better on mame?), but I can’t even get KOF 98 to work on mame which i’m desperately trying to figure out. If anyone has some tips, contact me through pm or the forum.

I tried to the different versions and combos still aren’t working properly for me.