Martial Masters. info please

Just bought the board and game and a supergun. It looks great, but how does it play? Is there any depth to it? My friend and i are hoping to record some vids since I haven’t seen many around. So, anyone that has played it, throw me some info on it. thanks oh, btw, for those who havent seen it in motion here are some vids

That Tiger dude has the same EXACT animation that Sabretooth has. :rofl:

It’s ok, one of the arcades near by used to have it here, but other than that nothing. =x

If I could have a port of any arcade game that hasn’t been brought to consoles so far, it would be this game. The arcade @ Union Station in Toronto had it for a couple of years, sadly it’s not there anymore.

Maybe now that IGS is releasing Spectral vs. Generation on PS2 they can bundle this with it…one can only hope I suppose.

oh damn…lol i remember one of the arcades in Hawaii used to have this game

so is it good? it looks great, but does anything stand out as totally broken? do the hits feel solid? damn i cant wait for it to get here. should be this eve or tomorrow morning.

Yes it is great, the hits are solid, just think of a mix between SF3/Neo-Geo and it’s mad fun! You will see!

thanks!! that vid has had my mouth watering since i saw it. nothing beats an obscure fighter that is actually good :slight_smile: now only 24 more hours til it is here.

It’s a solid game, the play mechanics are good and the control is near flawless. Wait till you see Drunken Master in motion. As far as Depth is concerned, that depends? It has as much depth as SF3-TS and LB2, but some will most likely argue that? And if you do start playing it a lot, you’ll be mixing up one of the Shadow Moves for poking, or the Over Head attack, and if you recall the Dash Behind move in SS3, there’s something like that in MM (only more effective).

YES, the hits do feel solid. It does have a Free Combo System which will limit you to how much damage and hits you can do with the high number combos, and the more hits you do the damage will decrease a lot. So lets say you do Master Huang’s 30-35 hit combo, you can do a simple 6 hit combo he has that will do the same amount of damage.

You’re not going to see a lot of flashy special moves. And the last boss True Lotus Master can be a pain, but nothing like the GENERAL in Global Champion.

nice. got my supergun and the game and board should be here in the morning. lol, just like christmas :slight_smile:

Hey seantree, that video with Master Huang vs Reika, where did you find it?
Because the guy sounded like he was doing a little Button Mashing, which you do NOT do in MM. The gameplay might not be the fastest, but it’s sure in the hell not slow either.

If you like 2D fighters you’ll enjoy MM (but that depends on you).
of course click on the martial masters link :slight_smile: think i’m gonna buy demon front next. it looks great in the vids. Oh, i just turned the volume way up on that vid and he is goin nuts on that stick. lol also, i love 2d fighters. i really love the rare gems which is what MM seems to be.

ok, its offiicial. this game owns me. Lotus’ fireballs seem too good. they just hang there, and i love setting up a juggle and throwing a fierce ball while my shadow pummels the opponent only to have them land on the ball as they fall. Master Huang seems fun also, and I’m diggin Tiger too. Well, I’m off to test the rest of the chars.

When you’re creating your own combos, mix up your moves and you’ll have better results.

You’ll be doing my 28-32 (it varies) Lotus master combo. Ghost Kick is pretty awesome as well I have a 45+ with him, what the hell am I talking about, ALL the characters are awesome and unique.

Also if you beat the game with 5 (or 6, not sure yet) characters you’ll unlock Saojin. Lets just say if you thought Dan was goofy, wait till you see her, and the bad part about her is, she has some real nasty combos. Plus you’ll be able to choose expert mode.

I don’t think there’s a code to play as True Lotus Master. Wait till you see his multiple Fire Column Super (with his image in it).

Too bad you don’t live in MN, none of my friends who I played SF2 with, don’t want to learn anything new, they like the Tekken series, which they kick my ass in, but only because I don’t play as much as them.

As of now Drunken master is my main char. I got J.D, D, D, QCF+D, QCF+BC, QCF QCF A. pretty good damage. not sure if he can doi his D,D,C,D chain into it yet. And his QCB+D counter move owns. Oh yeah, true Lotus sucks. God am i glad hes not playable.

Don’t forget about the pressure moves (the moves where you press Forward or Back + a certain button) they add a great deal to the combo system. Here’s a Drunk Master combo I like: J.D, C, C, F+A, hcf + A, qcf + BC, J.D, qcf (x2) + A, C, qcf (x2) + A (and I think you can get a f,qcf + D at the end) this is like a 30+ combo. As for his reversal, that’s the coolest one I’ve seen in any 2D fighter.

Also keep in mind that all of the characters have 1 or more special moves which will do anywhere from 2-4 hits, usually about the 3rd hit is when you want to cancel it and do the Shadow Move (qcf + BC), then you can usually do a super or a pressure move, then go into another Shadow Combo and super move etc…etc… And any one of the multi-sequence moves can be stopped after the second part letting you do another SM.
And don’t forget to do the CPU poke trick by using the qcb + BC Shadow Move, just try not to get confused with all the imageges of yourself onslaughting your opponent, unless you’re using Crane.

Here’s a more technical combo with Lotus Master: J.C (excellent for crossing up BTW), s.C (2 hits), F+C (1 hit), b,qcb + A, qcf +BC, Jump forward D (2 hits), F+C (2 hits), qcf (x2) + B, This is about a 32 hit combo, while it may look easy, you have to walk and set yourself in place if you not in or by the corner (which can be a little tricky).

And be careful NOT to flick the RESET switch (right where you insert the cart) or you’ll lose any and all information you have saved, even if you have the PGM motherboard unplugged from your SuperGun, it will still reset, I kinda did that not thinking it would actual reset everything. So now I have to go through and beat the game with 5-6 chars to unlock Saojin. When you unlock her you’ll see her picture above Master Huangs.

As for a favorite character?

Funny this thread was posted just after I ordered a PGM mobo and Martial Masters too. Provided the stereo wiring of the supergun I use with my MVS board doesn’t conflict with the mono sound of the PGM board (which I heard is a common problem; would result in sending my gun away for modfication), I’ll be adding my input to this thread in a couple of days as well.

nice. you are gonna love this game. one thing though, snakes command throw move is the cheapest shit ever. only way out of it is to roll after a knockdown. Nebuloso, you got any feedback on that? If she gets you in the corner with that move its over, unless you roll after the knockdown. BTW, Drunken master keeps getting better. I had no idea you could hit A or D during a roll to come out with an attack that juggles the opponent. Also, his command throw is damn good. my fave tactic right now is overhead into QCF+AB. Plus the ability to combo out of top downs is great. so much pressure in this game its not even funny. Now to master the alpha’s. My jamma rig is wired for MVS so i got ABC
as my config :confused: oh well. i’ll hopefully be updating with some vids soon.

They had this game in the bowling alley for awhile. I liked Saojin enough to figure out how to play her, but I forgot… haha.

If you mix Snakes command throw up with a shadow move than it’s almost impossible to avoid. If you do Snakes QCB + BC than follow it up with her c-throw, thats cheap, but if you notice it does have a wind up time, so you can see when she’s about to do it and either jump or shadow move, and if you were to compare it to Jubei Yamada’s “Nihon Seoi Dash” from FF2 & Special (Extremely Annoying and combo friendly) Snake’s is on the tame side. She’s also vulnerable for about 1-2 second if you jump over her.

seantree, do you use any special equipment when you record/make your videos?

Also (not that anyone cares), I haven’t been playing MM lately, I’m trying to get my SvG FAQ done. Even though the control in SvG is not as responsive as MM, it has more Depth to it than you think.

They had it here in Chicago as well. Supposedly they had discontinue the game because Capcom was threatening to sue because they was using Cps3 hardware.

and yes you will start calling the game Marshall mathers now…