Marvel 101 (MvC2 ---> Newbies)


Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction, Move Acroynyms, & Complete Move List
  2. How to unlock all characters in MvC2
  3. The Magic Series
  4. Useful Articles for Beginners
  5. Tier List
  6. Team Names
  7. Basic Top Tier Strats


I’ve decided that the old newbie thread was too big and outdated so I scrapped it and opted to start from scratch.

I’ll try to put in everything someone new to marvel and/or these forums would need to be brought up to speed. Feel free to ask questions, any newbie questions outside of this thread will be absorbed into this thread after a week or so. This is to allow them to get their questions answered (which wasn’t really happening in the old newbie thread) while freeing up the forum from being too clogged with newbie questions.

With that out of the way let’s start off with translating commonly used abbreviations in these forums.

Here is the Legend:

c. = crouching
s. = standing
j. = jumping
sj. = super-jumping
lp = light punch
lk = light kick
mp = middle punch
mk = middle kick
hp = heavy punch
hk = heavy kick
d = down
f = foward
u = up
b = back
n = neutral
u/b = up/back
u/f = up/forward
d/b = down back
d/f = down forward
pp = two punches
kk = two kicks
A1 = Assist 1
A2 = Assist 2

ff = fast fly
qc = quarter circle
hc = half circle
360 = spin stick at 360 degrees
, = continue combo with
XX = cancelled into
DHC = delayed hyper combo
THC = team hyper combo
/\ = super-jump
/ = land
FK = frame killing
OTG = hit off the ground with
GB = guard break
FS = fly screen
ch = charge
sjc = super jump cancel
tk = tiger knee motion
dj = double jump
tj = triple jump
ad = air dash
AAA = Anti Air Assist
LA = Lightning Attack
LS = Lightning Storm

ahvb = air hyper viper beam
HSF = hyper sentinal force
Hail = Hail Storm

** Complete Move List **

If you want to know how to perform a hadouken or a specific attack then refer to this web page:

It has full move lists on all the characters in the game.:l::l::l::l::l:

I don't even know where to begin
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)
SRK Lounge Ultimate Space Jam

Here is the Tier List:

Top Tier:

2nd Tier:
Dr. Doom
Iron Man
Strider (w/ Doom Only)

3rd Tier:
Tronne Bonne
Omega Red
Juggernaut (w/ Glitch)

Top Assists:
Captain Commando AAA
Psylocke AAA
Cyclops AAA
Sentinel A and G
Tronne Bonne G


The Magic Series

Since we got alot of questions about this term I figure I might as well squeeze it in. The magic series is something built into marvel that almost any character can do to a certain extent. At it’s core it is basically cancelling weaker normal attacks into equal or stronger normal attacks.

Main Rules of the Magic Series -

  1. You cannot go from stronger attacks to weaker attacks

  2. When it comes to cancelling to attacks of equal strenght, you can only cancel punches into kicks, and not the other way around.

  3. You do not talk about Magic Series

The Run Down

Basically a example of the magic series with someone like Ken would be:

Now not all of these will connect because each attack pushes them back, but you can cancel into all of them.

You can also skip ahead in the chain such as if you were to do:

c. LK, c. MK, s. HP (notice that LP, and MP were ommitted)

However remember you cannot cancel into a weaker attack like cancelling s. HP into c. MK. You also cannot cancel a kick into a punch of the same strenght. For example you can NOT cancel c. lk into c. lp. The main use of the magic series comes from air comboes. Typically the basic air combo will look like this:

Launch ^ lp, lk, mp, mk, HP or HK

Just remember that not all characters have full access to the magic series. Typically pixie like characters such as Spider Man can do it perfectly, while big characters like The Hulk may only have a limited version of the magic series.

I hope that helps clear it up.


Basic Top Tier Strats

Basic Top Tier Strats


**AHVB **- The AHVB stands for Air Hyper Viper Beam. The air version of the Hyper Viper Beam has very fast start up, invincibility, and recovers as soon as Cable reaches the ground. By utilizing a technique that allows players to do the air version of the hyper viper beam roughly a inch off the ground it becomes a very potent weapon. It recovers so fast that it is possible to chain three of them together in a row.

The command is: down, down/forward, forward, up/forward + PP

You are basically combining the super jump command with the hyper viper beam command. Alot of it rests on you performing the full range of motion on the stick and timing the PP button press at the right time. Practice it in training mode and don’t expect to be able to do it consistently right off the bat. My best advice is to vary how early and/or how late you press the two punches at the end.


Tri Jump Attack: A tri jump stands for triangle jump. It is called that because the arc of the jump resembles a triangle. The usefulness of the tri jump comes from the fact that it allows you to perform extremely fast overhead attacks you can combo off of. A overhead attack is one that must be blocked standing, any opponent who is crouch blocking will be hit.

It can only be performed by characters that typically have either a 8 way directional air dash, or one that has a air dash with downward angle (e.g morrigan). It is achieved by jumping (or super jumping) then cancelling the jump as soon as possible into a down/foward air dash which is then cancelled into attack.

The best way to do it is: Down, Up-Foward xxx PP (Dash Command) while holding down foward, then cancelling into a attack.

^ If that’s too convoluted to understand, I’ll write it down using more conventional acronyms:

d, u-f xxx ad-df + attack

Much like the air hyper viper beam you should experiment with when you press the PP button command. If you press it too early it will not come out and if you press it too late it will become less effective.


Standing HK (Launch) ^ lp, lk, mp, mk, Lightning Attack x2 cancel into Lighting Storm

Punish Assists:

Typhoon (qcf + lk) xxx hail storm (qcb + PP)


Tri Jump Attack: Done basically the same way as Storm’s Tri Jump.


ROM Infinite: Go Here -

5 Fierce Combo - Launch ^ HP xx AD/Down-Foward HP, HK, (Land) D + HK


**Hyper Sentinel Force - ** It is a extremely powerful super move. It’s most powerful asset is most likely it’s fast recovery time. It’s fast recovery makes it safe and allows you to chain many of them together in a row. It does good block damage and take ridiculous ammounts of life out of an opponent when it hits.

When Blocking:
(Full Screen Distance) C. HP (Laser) xxx HP Rocket Punch XXX Hyper Sentinel Force (HSF) is extremely powerful. It recovers so fast you can do another C. HP xxx HP Rocket Punch XXX HSF before your opponent recovers from block stun. You can basically chip your opponent as much as you want for the most part.

When Hit:
(Close) Standing Lk, Standing MK, LP Rocket Punch XXX HSF is a powerful combo and it recovers so fast you can chain another HSF by timing a S. HP (Laser) XXX HP Rocket Punch XXX HSF.

The Unblockable, Unfly, and Fast Fly

Please refer to this thread:

Please note this may be a little more advanced than the other things we’ve discussed thus far.


thank you. A thread like this was needed.


it was i appreciate this thread greatly


Couple of things you missed out, feel free to delete this post if needed…

n = neutral
u/b = up/back
u/f = up/forward
d/b = down back
d/f = down forward

x = canceled with/to
xx = super canceled with/to

LA = Lightning Attack
LS = Lightning Storm
HG = Hyper Grav
MT = Magnetic Tempest


great sticky.


Team Names:

MSP = Magneto / Storm / Psylocke
MSS = Magneto / Storm / Sentinel
Matrix = Storm / Sentinel / Cyclops
Santhrax = Storm / Sentinel / CapCom
Watts = Blackheart / Sentinel / CapCom (Captain Commando)
Clock = Strider / Sentinel / Doom (Short for Clockwork)
MST = Magneto / Storm / Tronne
MSC = Magneto / Storm /Cyclops
MSentC = Magneto / Sentinel / Cyclops
SSC = Storm / Sentinel / Cable
Fiend (combofiend) = Ironman / Magneto / Sentinel
Julius = War Machine / Ironman / Dr. Doom
Duc = Spiral / Cable / Sentinel
Row= Mag/Cable/Sentinel
Team Zaza = Wolverine/ Bonerine / Sentinel
Team Shoto = Ryu / Ken / Akuma
Team Suck = Roll / Servbot / Dan
Team Balls = Any team with Zangief in it

That’s about it.

Special Thanks to: Mixah, for compiling most of the list


Unlocking All Characters in MvC2

In Arcade (Japanese Version?):

Code #1
Highlight “Sound Mode” and push the following buttons in order.
Code #2
Highlight “Difficulty” and push the following buttons in order.
Code #3
Highlight “Damage” and push the following buttons in order.

Special Thanks to: Crunch, for contributing the above codes.

In Arcade (American Version?):

From Gamefaqs:

Unlock Characters Faster

If you have the Naomi arcade version of MvC2, you’ll need to wait for the characters to unlock either by waiting or by tripping the credits switch on the machine repeatedly. Alternatively, you can enter these hidden unlock codes to get the game ready for tournament play immediately. You need to do the codes in order, but if you’re already on level 25 then you can just skip the ‘‘jump to level 24’’ step.
Unlockable How to Unlock
JUMP TO LEVEL 24 (unlock 16 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Demo Sound. Press in order: Assist 2, Assist 1, Roundhouse, Fierce, Short, Jab. Exit Game Test Mode.
JUMP TO LEVEL 48 (unlock 8 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Damage Level. Press in order: Roundhouse, Assist 2, Assist 1, Roundhouse, Fierce, Roundhouse. Exit Test Mode.
JUMP TO LEVEL 72 (unlock 8 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Continue. Press in order: Jab, Fierce, Jab, Assist 1, Short, Fierce. Exit Game Test Mode.
JUMP TO LEVEL 84 (unlock 4 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Difficulty. Press in order: Fierce, Short, Assist 1, Jab, Assist 2, Jab. Exit Game Test Mode.

In Console Version:

You must buy everything. YES, you must even buy the concept drawings, and alternate colors.

Quick ways to do it:

  1. Put damage on max, difficulty on easy, and rounds to 30 seconds. Pick a good team that will take advantage of the increased damage scaling. (Power characters, sentinel, cable, good teams… just not chip characters for the most part) You’ll play through the game much faster that way, and aquire points at a much faster rate. I’ve personally unlocked all characters on DC in a single day.

  2. If you don’t mind running up your light bill then just put the game on training mode and leave it like that (pro tip: don’t pause :rolleyes:). You’ll aquire points at a much slower rate (something like 1000 pts. per hour, I’m guestimating, it may be less or more), but I suppose it takes less effort. My personal method is number 1.

Hope that helps

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Is this tier list in order or is it just organized in groups?I agree with this tier list for the most part but i always thought storm and sent was over Magneto and cable.


Team Ilan - Ironman/Cable/Doom
Team angel - Magneto/Setinel/Ironman (iirc)


It’s in groups. Such single character rankings are useless anyways because there’s too much controversy attached to them. Hell even the third tier is somewhat up for debate, but I decided to include it anyways just so newbies can have a better feel of characters outside the top tiers.


Actually team Angel is probably Storm/Sentinel/Iron Man as I can’t see anything working too well with Mag/Sent… Besides Rocket Punch, HSF doesn’t DHC from MT as far as I remember…

Edit: Also, can’t forget team Z, Doom/Juggernaught/Tronne…


ok cool thanks.Btw thanks for putting this up.:lovin:


Where Row at?

Row= Mag/Cable/Sentinel


war machine is third tier


and skittles leaks are real.

Listen new guy, if you think he’s 3rd tier, great, we don’t care. Tier lists have been done to death, and don’t state how you feel as fact. Thanks!

(You can still make it!)


Useful Articles for Beginners
Learning MvC2 Part 1: Engine Basics

Learning MvC2 Part 2: Counter Characters

Special Thanks to: Magnetro for providing the links


do you have a notepad version of this thread?

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