Marvel 2 PS2 worth trading for SFAA?

I traded my Marvel 2 for ps2 for SFAA cause it decided to stop working, but I do have it on dreamcast. One of my troops did previous posts of this thread under my user name but he has to decide if hes going to buy SFAA. Marvel 2 scene is not dead considering the fact that Duc Do made return at Evolution and won and Justin Wong is still next to unbeatable. In my opinion Marvel 2 is best game there is + legendary for its staying power.

No. Just buy SFAA. MvC2 PS2 is rare. Even though is sucks balls compared to the DC version, it’s a keeper.

Yeah, MvC2 is way too rare to trade in…

Are you that low on funds? SFAA is only 30 bucks. Regardless of which version is best, MvC2 is rare and you’ll probably regret letting go of it. I know I would.

if you want to sell it so bad, sell it on ebay. people willing to pay 40-50 dollars for it.

You can get way more than $40-$50 on eBay for it - I’ve seen copies sell for $70+.

somebody bought mine for $92.50 on ebay.

Unfortunately, I could never get that much for mine as I don’t have the instruction manual or the inlay. I bought it kind of cheap used, as it was just the disc and the dvd case.

buy it, do not trade in

-Sell your US MvC2 copy on Ebay
-Buy the Korean MvC2 version on Ebay
-use whatever money is left to buy SFAA

^ What’s so good about the Korean MvC2 over the US version?

That’s what I wouild to know as well.

You may want to get SFAA (PS2) soon if you are gonna try to get it used… seems like the price has gone up 5-10 bucks in the past month-month & a half (eb and gamestop).

MvC2 is now up to 60 bucks lol

Gameplaywise they’re the same but the Korean version is a whole lot cheaper. I bought a brand new sealed copy for $15, shipping included.

I got 92 bones cuz mine was brand new… lol, so i had an advantage… just the disc… u can prolly get away with going to an EB, slipping the inlay and manual out of the case… $50 bones easy.

I’m not an MvC2 fan, but I’d still say hang onto it. It’s kind of a rare game, and it’s only going to get rarer.


sell it on ebay. never trade something like that into eb (this is coming from an eb employee).

I have every one of these games, on my comp. Who the HELL buys these anymore?

gee, I wonder why game companies are so hesitant to make new 2D fighters… :confused: