Marvel 3 execution question


Wasn’t sure if to post this in the sticky or not, but I figure the mods will be forgiving or they can just merge the threads.

I can do 1-frame links in SSF4 pretty consistently (with certain characters ;)), but when trying to do, say, Ryu’s Shinku Hyper Combo when I have 3 meters, the Shin Shoryuken seems to come out. Same with Kikosho for Chun Li. When I want to do that Hyper, her level 3 comes out when I have 3+ meter. When I cancel it from a move (let’s say lightning legs) it works well and I get the move I want for the most part. Can anyone give any insight as to why this is happening? Perhaps I should look at my inputs in training mode, but I was just wondering if this was happening to any other newer MvC3 players.

E: I’m using the Beta layout on stick.


Look at your input like you said…you may be doing it wrong.


If you do a SSF4 ultra motion in MvC3 (double quarter circle) it will register it as a DP, so make sure you break that muscle memory. You only need one quarter circle in Marvel


yup two fire balls cancel into a shoryuken in the VS series


Thanks a lot guys. I find myself just like I did in 4 falling victim to lenient inputs. Are there any in this game or is this just in my head?