Marvel 3-on-3 results...kinda

Evo2005 Marvel 3-on-3 results…kinda…

OK, first I would just like to sincerely apologize to all the Marvel players. I know that this must have been the longest, most broken, random, ill-conceived tourney ever, and I’m truly sorry about that.

Before the results, first some background info:

First of all, the tourney started hella late, but that was (mostly) on purpose because I wanted Potter to be able to participate (plus we had enough time to run matches on Saturday as well). I know that peeps had to wait around forever to play their matches, and for that I apologize. It was nearly impossible to get a single match played, because we had to round up 6 people (two three-man teams), and at least one person was always playing in another tourney at the time, or out to eat, or nowhere to be found. It was my mistake in the first place to try to run the tourney on Friday.

Secondly, there was some drama about switching teams/recruiting new teammembers after old ones deserted peeps, etc. I know Isaac Graham somehow wound up on three different teams. Justin and Insanelee abandoned Potter, so Bill and Isaac took their places. Meanwhile, Soo and Reset were unable to continue playing on Duc’s team, but Duc had to play against an entire team by himself (where one loss for Duc = GGPO), though he still managed to pull it off. Ruin also had to do this (play against a whole team by himself) once, or maybe even twice.

Thirdly, there was one team (Team Beast) that got DQ’ed because apparently they didn’t know the room number where the tourney was being finished. (They were the only team in the whole tourney to get DQ’ed.) I am extremely sorry about this, as I thought I had informed everyone of the room number. I take full responsibility, and I will personally Paypal you back your team’s $15 out of my own pocket. PM me where you want the refund sent.

I think Soo/Reset/Duc probably could have taken it if they had stayed together. They made it to the top 4, but at that point Soo and Reset couldn’t continue. After playing one set by himself (and winning), Duc then forfeit because he wanted to watch 3S finals. After single-handedly sweeping Yipes, Wigfall, and Combofiend, Duc forfeit and took 3rd place.

Coming from the winner’s bracket was PhatToi’s team (Toi/skisonic/AsianDaisy), and coming from the losers was Potter/Bill/Isaac #3. Even though it was a double elimination tourney, both teams agreed just to play one set and split the money regardless (because everyone wanted to get it done with and watch 3S). Potter’s team took it all home, and the six of them split the $375 pot.

So again, I apologize to everyone for having to put up with hella long waits, crazy-ass team switching that should never happen, and all-around bad-planning.

However, there were plenty of highlights:

PhatToi, facing elimination, down by a considerable amount with only his Iron Man remaining manages to land a hit, but because time is running out, he wouldn’t be able to infinite to death. He then proceeds to consecutively do about 5 of the hottest Iron Man resets ever seen, all of which connected, winning the match and set in hella style. I hope Preppy got that on tape…

Meeting all the Marvel heads was dope. Duc Jr., Bill, Japanegro, Isaac, and Potter, you guys cracked my shit up. Yipes, Wigfall, Preppy, Starbury, Liston, PhatToi, Kai, skisonic, DJ-bizzle thirtizzle, taiji, Clock, Genghis, Shady, and everyone else was mad cool.

The Mitsu Marathon, followed by Mitsu Money Matches, where only one single person was able to take money from him. Tons of side-bets going on. (Don’t remember who ended up beating him, though…)

Bill, Potter, Japanegro, and Isaac talking mad shit in Halo, despite the fact that none of those four guys ever played a single game against anyone. “You can’t fuck with Gandhi!”

So there were good points and there were bad points, but thanks to everyone who participated. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of those hot matches from Preppy in the future. :tup:

P.S.: Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to the brackets, as I do not have them. :sad:

Good times.

nice meeting you NKI! also congrats on top 8 on st

didnt i beat one of those teams :smiley:

yeah nice meeting u nki sick tourneys both st and marvel :slight_smile:

Yeah, you beat Isaac’s FIRST team.

Nice meeting you, Nicholai.


you’re the shit, gimme that bape shirt :<

Best 3 day team tourny ever haha. I had mad phun tho, shit was RILL. Team HotBox till i D-I-E. CHE

Okay… I’m going through the team tourney footage now… does anybody know what teams people were on? I can just cut it up by player instead of by team, I guess, but right now I’m a little confused. :smile:

JWong/Bronson/Potter (Team Potter Take 1)
Potter/Bill/Isaac (Team Potter Take 2)
Team Beast: MegamanDS/Illan (“sub with Isaac the Merc”)/Fanatiq
JustinK/Y2J (MSP/MSS)/Blockable Laser (Santhrax)
Takayuki/Randy Lew
Mitsu/Kim Il Sung (Ohayo)/Chikyuu
Eder/Vercette/Robert Lugo
Team Chicago: Player Unknown/Tony
Team Davis: Ron Lew/Andy “Lew” Lee/Rob Lew
Dove/Spice/Rob Miller
Clock/Shady K/Genghis

Those are my guesses offhand - I’ll use that info to split up the TT footage I have. Lemme know any corrections anybody has. :smile:

EDIT: Updated with teams as identified so far.

djb13 was the 3rd on our team

amir and julius was on my team

Edit* on duc jr team its KaiSing not julius

Robert Lugo, Eder Resendiz, and Michael Decker on team “Department of Corrections”. Darth Lugo/Eder/Vercette. I think the only tape we would be on was against Taiji, Mike Ross, and DJB-13 where we ended up losing.


takayuki and i

JustinK/Y2J/Blockable Laser

JustinK = Team JustinK
Blockable Laser = Santhrax

zach it was just me and takayuki
and then…mitsu/kim(ohayo)/chikyuu


Team Chicago only had those two members (Player Unknown and Tony).