Marvel 3 Teams Side tournament

So anyone running this? If not I’d be willing to run/co-run this.

I’d be heavily interested, and if there is more interest available then I’d be willing to help out with this as well.

It’ll probably be pretty hard unless there’s a bunch of setups available, as well as the panels taking people out of the way. :confused: But I would like to see this happen. I would bring a setup if my ps3 is working on time, but at the moment it’s ylod and I’m waiting to see if it can get fixed.

Well, I’ll be bringing a setup to EvO with me anyway, so count me in for a setup as well.

sweet I am bringing a setup as well, we could run this in the byoc area. I’m just hoping we can get more than three setups for a team tournament… at…evo…

Yeah I feel that. Well send me a PM with your contact info and we’ll try and set this up.

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t see this thread earlier. I am interested in helping out as well. I’m sure this will be way too big for just 1 or 2 ppl considering how big the community has gotten since the game has been release. PM me so we can work out details and put on a damm good show.

Shiro: You going to Evo?! About damn time, seems like you got all that paperwork stuff taken care of. Hit me up, homie.


doo it