Marvel 3 tips and a 3rd member!

Hey everyone, im a decent player in marvel 3 and I was wondering who would go good with my team which is Taskmaster/Ryu?

Also, i play pad so doing dps is a little trouble for me, is there any short cuts for dp motion moves?

I would say (from my experience), your team would do well with someone that has a useful assist and can also play a solid anchor game. I’d go with Doom (on Hidden Missiles) or Sentinel (on Sentinel Drones assist).

Sentinel’s Drones would be more useful in your case if you ask me. Taskmaster would be able to keep the opponent out with aerial arrows while Sentinel Drones handled the ground. It’s also great for reversing the turn of a close combat battle, allowing you to go on the offensive.

Doom’s Hidden Missiles could also accomplish this, albeit with a slight delay on when the assist actually HITS the opponent. You just have to be a little careful, as Doom is vulnerable when sending out the missiles. This shouldn’t be a major problem since even ONE missile can cancel their assault on both you and Doom (and allow you to counter them with the combo of your choice should you react quick enough).

I would recommend an OTG assist, but they aren’t TRULY necessary in your case due to the fact that both Ryu and Taskmaster can OTG alone.