Calling all xbox live euro players, looking for some games on marvel 3 so add me!!, also if you play tekken 6 add me also!

Jack Bauer1 CTU


Add me, not on right now but I may be later or tomorrow. Connection should be good as I’m English too.
Send me a message or something when you wanna play.


I would start your call over in the more relevant forum. :tup:


which forum are you talking about?


lol exactly…these forums are mainly based around americans. Look at the matchmaking forums. One for every part of america then you’ve got “Rest of world” basically lol.

This thread is for people who are from Europe who play MvC3 on xbox live - Its in the Online forum > Xbox Live > Marvel series…

I’ve accepted you anyway mate look forward to gaming with ya.


cheers, hulk sentinel, magneto that is my team. hulk is strong! we should practise also


Feel free to add me as well. Atm my gt is “kkckkc45”, but that’s just for the next month, after that I’m “Try2HandleThis” for the rest of my XBL time. Anyway, add both if you wan’t to play a cheap and lame wolv/deadpool/sent-team. I dare you to beat me though :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I’m always up for some mvc2 as well!!


i will add you, Try2HandleThis

i expect you to be very good after your big talk


Added ya mate, tho i suck D:


cool i will add you, hopefully the patch improved things (yunny magic)


who is the mod of these forums because i’m seeing a lot of stuff that should be closed.

Jack, why two threads 3 days apart?


dont worry about it megaman, its a shout for all euro players. im sure you have enough mans in usa to play


but why two threads is why i’m asking. just delete one, if you go to “edit” then “go advanced” and delete, it will delete the thread.