Marvel and Japan

Does japan hate Marvel? If they do… is it because of some (legendary) all-american beatdown (by Jwong…etc) at a past japanese tournament? :rofl:

Just wondering why they don’t play it at SBO:sweat:

if they do its probably because of the low skill level you need on it to be good. (mash assist)

They don’t play it cause they know how fucking broken it is.

They dont play it because black people play it…

They don’t play it because you posted this in the wrong forum.

japan doesnt like it because of the inaccessibility and because of the lack of usable characters.

Maybe Japan just doesn’t give a damn and likes to play NEWER games.

DING DING DING We have a WINNAR. Fuckers still playing Super Turbo.:rofl:

Too busy playing games that don’t suck.

Yeah, I said it.

Dunno maybe the Marvel aspect of the VS series of games doesn’t/didn’t capture the Japanese audience like it did Americans so they quickly lost interest.

…because they suck at it?

FGD is that way

pretty much

Japan thought you were talking about Marvel the company because you posted this in the wrong forum.

Frankly, they suck at it, ‘because’ they don’t play it. I’m not riding the Japanese or anything, but most people there just don’t give 2 shits about Marvel. It has nothing to do with the game being broken or America somehow being better. Hell, Japan kept playing A3 long after America abandoned it post CC-infinites. That style of gameplay just doesn’t appeal to them I suppose.

Hey, Japan doesn’t hate Marvel, I mean they do love Spider-Man.

just what spiderman needs


that made my brain hurt something fierce…

i want that watch tho…

This is Japan playing Marvel at their best.

Ouch, I play better than that and I’m nowhere near any good. :rofl:

I think the game is just too unbalanced for them to play. Too many people like to pick not-the top tiers and such. You can sometimes pull it off in games like 3S, but in marvel, using 3 crappy characters against MSP or Storm/Sent/CapCom is just unfair to the point of complete lockdown. I might be wrong, but thats just one reason why they may not play it.

And im not sure if its the whole chicken egg thing, but arcades dont really have it, so not a lot of people play it. But do arcades not have it BECAUSE people dont play it? Not sure about that either. I dont think being old or not old has anything to do with it, but it sure hasnt stuck around the same way 3S and ST have. And if a game isnt in SBO, popularity for it goes WAAAAY down.

Look at the SBO list:

old school:
KOF 98 (though this can be argued that theyre using this version to support the new re-release of the game coming out or something, from what i hear)

new school:
Accent Core
Dark Ressurection
Arcana Heart
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza v.B
Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition
Virtua Fighter 5

So yeah, mostly new games. Games that were in last year SBO but not this year went way down in popularity, too. HnK, KOF XI, NGBC, SS Tenka. And im sure next year, whatever doesnt make it will go down in popularity (KOF 98, SC3 Arcade Edition, etc) Marvel just didnt make the cut to keep it going, therefore its not that popular. However, unlike KOF XI and HnK, Marvel has been out of the loop for a long time. If a game isnt recieved well, it doesnt take a long time for it to disappear from Japanese arcades. Spectral vs Generation and Rumble Fish 2 are great examples of this…why isn’t anyone asking “Why doesnt Japan play Spectral vs Generation?”

Its just something that they dont play. Marvel just happens to be big over here and not there.

I love people’s logic. “japan doesn’t play games that suck” or “japan plays games that aren’t broken”.

Yeah, HnK and KOFXI are perfect examples of balance and stability. Yun, Chun Ken players DON’T win nearly every 3s tourney/ranbat.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that Japan just simply doesn’t care for the game and that they prefer a slightly slower paced type of vs game (xsf, cvs2, etc)