Marvel announces War of Kings; VULCAN VS. BLACK BOLT!

Who will rule?
It was announced in SDCC, so this could be their ‘Annihilation 3’ in a way.
Sorry if this should be in the Marvel thread, but when you’ve got a series that has Black Bolt as a main character then that deserves its own thread.
I mean come on Black Bolt bosses people around WITHOUT HAVING TO SAY A SINGLE WORD!

Black Bolt better do something epic.

Black Bolt lost serious cool points after being jobbed by the Skrulls. There better be a good explanation for that one.

Uh…why is Vulcan look fucking fat in that? He been hitting Skrull’donalds?

Seems interesting, never thought I was see Vulcan again, or Black Bolt as a lead character. Funny how the world works.

The magic event still going to happen or has that been canned?

How could you think you’d never see him again? He still has havoc and co captured. but either way this is epic (but BB got trashed by the skrulls is bull and they better clear that up) and better not be ruined by killing off Vulcan or BB. But how epic this may be it wont be a Annihilation 3, I mean ‘‘Guardians of the Galaxy’’ practically just started.

EDIT: proof that its not Annihilation 3, its a Secret Invasion tie in.

I knew sooner or later Vulcan was gonna rear his head into the rest of the galaxy.
But who knew he would be beefin with Blackbolt, which also leads me to believe that the Skrulls will probably be losing there little battle on Earth.

can i say that logo and the title war of kings is dope.

So I’m guessing that Secret Invasion: Inhumans mini will directly link to this.

It should, I mean nobody wants a plot twist where it is revealed it was Skrull Bolt in that series all along XD.
Oh and just to spread the Black Bolt hype-

:rofl::rofl::rofl: i’m dying reading this…at first it was lol…but by the middle im busting out laughing.

You mean like spider women? All though they did send out hint that she wasn’t her self.

Man i ROLFed at this. Who is he to say there not series worthy while marvel can make a series any time they feel like it.

Wasn’t one of the recent Inhumans series from a few years back dealing with teenage Inhumans?
Also I think the reason they don’t get much series is cuz they’re not that popular with the majority of the Marvel fanbase…just a thought