Marvel at EVO? (This deserves its own thread)

Ok, if any mod doesnt agree with me and wants to close this thread go ahead, but I know this is an important discussion and posts about this get easily lost in a thread with over a 100 pages
heres the thing

This is what the front page says

“After conferring with the BlazBlue community we have decided to replace BlazeBlue with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the PS3. Big thanks to the BlazBlue community for graciously stepping down.”

Quickly I noticed that it says WE have decided, so Im guessing that this spot left by blazblue is for the EVO staff to decide what to do with, but that dont mean that we (players) cant speak our opinion about this.

I understand why the evo staff decided to add marvel since its easily the hypest game, and its a good hype introduction for new players (which evo will be full of)
that and its pretty much the only game on which the US doesnt get pwned by another country.

However, PS3 Marvel isnt the same as the marvel we all know
PS3 marvel will NOT reproduce the same hype that regular marvel does
In other words

its just a failed wannabe

thiis spot we have was given by players (the blazblue community)
therefore it should be up to the players as well to decide which game to put in there
this deserves a new poll between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the original poll

Like I said, its just what I think
feel free to correct me

I keep seeing people bitching about PS3 Marvel not being Marvel, any reasons why?

Well the Evo mods will think about what you’re saying. So this thread is useless. I hope Evo does try to reach out enough for a second vote…but I will not be in the least surprised if they don’t. That’s just too much drama. Especially if 3rd Strike ends up winning any ways. Then people complain again. Too much damage has already been done at this point IMO. Doing another vote is just gonna cause more crying and drama.

For me there’s just too many things you are looking for. You are looking for a revote and then you are looking for PS3 Marvel to effectively not exist at Evo. How could both of those things possibly be achieved? You do realize that with the way the polls went before that a revote could result in 3S winning? :lol: The drama has already been done. Let PS3 Marvel run and like HAV said Fugee will more than likely run a side Dreamcast event.

The main vote has been done and it’s basically shown that random joe shmoe Evo/non Evo goer would rather see 3S up on the big screen than Marvel in the first place. The only game that is a random factor or has a legitimate chance of the results holding up in actual players attending is the Melty players. The 3S vote is essentially a fraud for actual 3S attendees at Evo.

The dreamcasts are gone. They are set on using PS3 as the format, so either take it or leave it. Best thing you can hope for is that Capcom will try to patch the game one more time to fix the few bugs it has so far.

I can see why they did that. A uniform format to play most of the evo games.

I bet getting DCs and DC sticks were an extra hassle to play this game.

it was a matter of time until the dc’s were retired. think about it tho, you originally had no marvel in the official lineup, now you do. its something. plus you get side tourneys and what not. plus the possible chance of a patch improving the game(i doubt it but you never know).

it’s time to move on.

God, this is turning out to be ST =/= STHDR all over again. Tell us something we don’t know.


incoming incoherent rant

As an actual marvel player who’s been inundated in one of the strongest marvel communities (so cal) since the game was released and regularly reads these forums, I can not only say that I don’t mind having the tournament on PS3 (yes I’ve played it at length) but most marvel players that I know both on here and in person don’t mind as well.

People who are upset their game didn’t make it: it’s understandable to be upset obviously. But wow, throwing shit around like

its just a failed wannabe

according to who? You? There are some differences in the game for sure, but the vast majority of the game is the same and thats a fact. If you’re a good marvel player in the arcade, then you’re a good player on DC, and on PS3. Likewise, if you’re gonna lose in the arcade, then DC or PS3 sure as fuck isn’t gonna change that.

In 2004 when EVO switched to console, there was a Noah’s Ark flood of bitching - with myself at the forefront being one of the whiniest. Up to that point I had never owned a DC and played only at SHGL. I came in with such a shit attitude and ended up getting getting owned that year in the tournament. Looking back on it now, I had no chance of winning acting like such a bitch about it.

For any actual marvel players who genuinely care about and enjoy the game, it’s all in your fucken head - just like it was for me in 2004. You think yipes/justin/sanford/chris schmidt or whoever are complaining about this? Of course not, they’re just gonna come to the tournament (hopefully) and take advantage of the players who are.

And that’s why they’re good players. GOOD players don’t whine like scrubs. Good players adapt to playstyles, joysticks, CONSOLES, whatever. They adapt to the game and the environment, and that transcends marvel or even fighting games. So to any marvel players who are crying about PS3 marvel, step your fucken shit up and stop whining, coz as of now you’ve already went 2 and out in the tournament, as well as making less vocal marvel players look like whiners as well.

I’d prefer marvel to be on DC or arcade rather than PS3. But I’ve yet to be convinced that “the ‘real’ MvC2 players are gonna be in BYOC on DC” or any stupid shit like that. Well last I checked I’ve been a real MvC2 player the past goddamn decade and I’m gonna be trying my best to adapt so I can win. I think any “real” MvC2 players will be doing the same. And if I lose, it’ll be my fault, not the PS3 or the Cannons’ decision.

Of course this is all lost on those who are simply trashing PS3 marvel at evo to get their point (and game) across. In which case, good luck getting your game in. I wouldn’t have minded playing CvS2 again.


clock has spoken…close thread.

I myself do not mind that the game is on ps3, but for those perfectionist out there, i created a thread on capcom unity to see if we can get one last patch added on to the game to fix whatever remaining bugs exist. Its a long shot, but hopefully with some support they will listen. <3

The post of posts. Please be thankful we still have another year for MARVELLLL.

evo woot!!!


So to any marvel players who are crying about PS3 marvel, step your fucken shit up and stop whining, coz as of now you’ve already went 2 and out in the tournament, as well as making less vocal marvel players look like whiners as well.

if a marvel legend speaks, you must listen.

Clock hit the nail on the head.

If the tournaments are being held on ps3, then that’s what I’ll play marvel on. It’s 99% the same game, so I can adapt to anything minor as required.

I actually agree with clock
I didnt think about it that way
However, that still doesnt mean that marvel should get the spot automatically

No, especially since that they are breaking out the Jap PS2s this year for Melty…

Let me give you guys some advice, based on playing ST over the years. Practice on the version that’s being played. You have months to do so. Don’t show up the day of and the bitch and moan about it feeling off. You have ample time to get used to this version. Doing so is in your best interest.

Lookin’ forward to seeing some Marvel HYPE!

Yaaayyy i love games where just about only six characters are viable for a competitive team. Magneto/sentinel/??? Just gets old after a while.

I do agree with Caliber lets get this straight in a game that has over 25 characters and has a tournament that only has you picking 5 to six characters is a failure as far as balance goes plan and simple. realy how can you not get a little angry seeing the same freaking teams come up again and again while you sit their knowing that their is countless different ideas that you could be seeing instead of the same crap.

realy it just weak that’s why I wanted it out of evo its not realy fun to watch and believe me after fight ten of those teams in a row it’s not that fun to play ether. the fun comes when you fight different sort of teams wich most likely than not sadly will not happen at evo. sorry but the last thing i wanna watch sentinal and magneto haveing a jerk off contest While awesome characters like strider hriyu and gambit sit in a corner sighing at there current state of affairs

The only other problem i have is the statement that the game is great for newcomers … sorry but thats kind of bull i mean the game itself is easier to pick up than most but new comers should definitely should not compete in that tournament its just not fair at al hell normal players would have a hard time in that tournament. TVC is a good game for newcomers but not mvc.