Marvel Beginner Teams


So i am looking to pick up marvel and have been reading around the teams i have seen recommended are wesker/vergil/strider and magneto/doom/sentinal. I was wondering what are the advantage/disadvantages to each of these teams and some combos to learn for them


Wesker/Vergil/Strider has a good ground game during the point war. DHC into Swords loops gives you TODs off most hits. Vajra forces the opponent grounded for Wesker mixups and resets if you go for them. Vergil/Strider is godlike so if Wesker dies and you block the incoming you still have great comeback potential. They are both also good XF3 chars, so your team remains strong even when chars die off. Bad thing about the team is that it can’t pump out durability for projectile wars; you need to use other ways around projectiles, involving things like Wesker gunshot and Vergil swords. Also you’re gonna have a bad time against fly stallers like Magneto or Trish because once they’re up there and out of Wesker’s reach, they can punish Vajra for free and you don’t have anything to threaten them with.

Mag/Doom/Sentinel also has a good ground game during the point war. Magneto with Doom beam can handle any matchup. Mag/Doom can kill off any touch with DHC or TAC. Sentinel Drones gives Magneto cheap mixups especially on incoming. Also, Mag/Doom covers all the important aspects of neutral: good ground game and control, good fly stall, good durability output. Bad thing about the team is that when Magneto dies, Doom/Sentinel doesn’t have too much comeback potential. Moreso when you get down to just Sentinel. With this team you’re playing a dominating point with some of his best assists, but you have mediocre comeback characters.

Combos just go to the UMvC3 character subforums and check the combo threads.