Marvel Blog: No-Assist Survival Matches

I’m sure there are many people who would agree with me that some marvel players tend to hide behind their assists and never really learn the true ability of fighting, fending for yourself with sense.

I have recently taken up simply picking 3 of the same characters (whoever it is I am currently working on) and running through the cpu in that way. It shows you your basic instincts and prominent strengths with that character when you have to survive. That is key to mastering your character. If you don’t have your game down, it shows. Without assists, the only ‘fancy’ action you’re going to be seeing is what you fight for.


  1. you must disable the assist button in your button config by setting it to TAUNT
    that is all!

Afterwards, take a hard look at how it turned out. How can you make your game stronger with that character? What looked sloppy, scrub-like? How clean is your offense? How fast is your response to punishing moves?


I would like to make this a marvel blog and will be contributing my own footage here on single character survival skills. If anyone else would like to contribute their own footage, feel free. For the footage that I do contribute of myself running through cpu with no assists, please feel free to comment and give me pointers. Thanks. Btw, I play on pad. I do intend to get a stick, but until then…

There will be no tolerance of flaming here at all. Any flaming of players that contribute their footage for advice and pointers from seasoned marvel players will be reported to the mods on duty.

Let the survival of the fittest begin.

a little something I found by Vidness:

Since that match, Pabs & I have tried it a few more times, and it definitely changes when Pab lands a hit…But it is nice to know what your character can do solo…

I forced myself to play the game at its highest level without assists to learn to use every character effectively even the weaker ones and now I am thankful for it because I can use every character pretty good because of it. This is also how I figured out who my best people were and a team of those people can go through the game at its hardest without losing a character at any time all without assists. I have fallen off some since then since I don’t play as much as I used too but I highly recommend that any new player do this so they can actually learn their character for what they really are all by themselves.