Marvel Casuals in Paramount

If anybody wants to get down this weekend let me know. I’m trying to bust some heads this weekend without wasting a bunch of quarters. I stay in Paramount so we can play at my house if that’s kool.

free rape! (no marbles)


where in paramount u stay at?? and do we have to bring out own sticks or wat??

My bad Ilan. I didn’t see your post until today. I live off of the 105 and Paramount Blvd. Like right by the freeway. As far as own sticks… I would suggest that. I only have one fully working stick. The other is pretty wack. We can get down whenever though. I like to play the game a lot. My woman is starting to think I’m obsessed and she might be right. Anyway… own sticks, yeah we would need just one more.

I live their!

Are scrubs allowed? :wink:

You live like 5 min from Regency

is Regency Fun Center close to the airport?


ohh really?
thank you for responding so quick
But what about theses casuals, when is it going down?

jay you fucking suck. I live in Bellflower now but I don’t have an adapter so I can’t play dat marvel wit you.

:rofl: n/p

You suck… I tried to buy it from you dawg. LOL. But yeah, somebody asked if scrubs can play. I’m down for whoever. We can get down during the week as long as it’s after 6. Or if you guys want to play on the weekend I can go all day.

How about we plan for Saturday afternoon, and if anybody wants to play during the week, just pm me.

Nyteryder357, do you play at regency? Who are you? I’m down for some casuals, I live where the 105 and the 710 meet. But since I don’t play console, I don’t have a mas stick. =( Basically, I go and practice at regency even though people destroyed me all the time. I’m the scrub who does not mind loosing. lol!!

quit bullshitting him ricky.

I’m sure he’d still be down to play you though. Actually I think he knows who you are Ricky.

lol!! I’m just trying to be funny. I’m not trying to lie to him, puto! lol But yeah, i don’t have a mas stick but whenever a lot of people go, i’ll go, it will be fun.

QUOTE=Illan_3rd;4972862]where in paramount u stay at?? and do we have to bring out own sticks or wat??

Illan_3rd: Wassup, you should show up to regency for some casuals, it will be fun to play. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are good days for some serious competition. Make sure you bring a lot of quarters though. lol…You’ll need them. :rofl::woot:

In response to Ricky… I hit up Regency every now and again. I suppose that’s my problem. Most ppl who play there have a cot in the back so they are really used to the sticks. I think I’ll have to start going more.

I’m damn sure not scared of playing anybody. It’s doesn’t take that long for me to figure ppl out. I just don’t like it to cost money while I’m doing it. Yes I am that frugal. :china: