Marvel Combo Exhibition contest at next evo?


The way I’m thinking is that we could have it almost like a special tournament. Like have a $5 entry fee and people can submit footage of one combo. Unbiased judges look through all the entries and narrow it down to 8 to 20 finalists, who’s combos will be shown on one of the nights of the finals on the big screen. After that, winners are announced based on judging criteria (as well as crowd reaction), and the pot is split among the top 3 accordingly. Would something like this be possible?


i say people vote for the winner…

however, don’t reveal the names of the combo’ers so it’ll be fair.


yeah, we could just assign people numbers to make judging less biased particularly in the preliminary rounds.


it should also be based on points…

when you mess up -10 points (get up to 10 tries ;p)

and difficulty (add however many points 1-100)

or something



well, to make sure that the combos are landed, i thought it would be best if each player record their own footage and submit it. That way, there is no limit to the crazyness of what we can see. I doubt anybody wants to see someone fuck up what could possibly be a great combo exhibition on a night like that


anywho, sounds great man!

hope it works out. :cool:


haha I was just thinking that, I see no flaw in this :), Should there be any limit to the people that can enter? Yah and remain un biased;)


Couldn’t someone just copy and paste a Japanese combo and claim it as their own???


Japanese knows mvc2 combos?!?! O_O; haha =d


im going to win


umm. Japanese mvc2 combo vids are ten times more flashier than american combo vids.

Are they practical… hell no. But they’re definitely a lot more flashy.


well, some of us already have access to all the known Japanese combo videos. If someone thinks someone stealing some japanese footage, we can investigate it. Better yet, for the rules, we can make it so that the player has to taunt or push certain buttons right before he performs the combo. And the footage must show him doing that. Since the japanese combo vids don’t do that, this will let us know that the player did indeed execute that combo. If someone else invented the combo before him, who cares? If it’s flashy and he can actually pull it off, more props to him.


Sounds like great idea and many people seem to like it a lot, why not make it official?:smiley:


No ekin’s allowed :mad: :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw but iono kai, i doubt many people AT ALL have teh ability to capture combos to a computer.

random note: I hate smilies


they could just capture it on VHS




Drew Dub is the truth


Copy it? Tape it? Hell no! You should perform it!
I agree with the whole combo tourney idea, But it would be more fair if you entered and had like 3 tries or sumthing like that to do your combo, that way if you have practiced it well, you can just up and do it.


any good combo
takes more than 3 tries to do


you should know long trazzle